#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


You’re saying Guelfi’s an actor now? Diving for free kicks? Why do you hate Essadon??!!?


Kilmer has made some good films.


Top Secret!
Maybe The Doors


He was good in Heat




He was fantastic as Doc Holiday


Actually he did play guitar! Good stab!!! I myself am an amateur guitarist who will be at the Melbourne Guitar Show instead of the game


Tell him Deckham says ‘hi’ :slight_smile:


What’s happened to Donnington?


How bout Milfy?


I liked him in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Fantastic movie. So rewatchable too.


It seems no Guelfi, no Essendon.


No doubt we missed him today IMO. So dependable wherever he plays, could’ve played lock down on Breust which would’ve freed Saad up more. Could’ve given a soundly beaten midfield some more support. Very handy player.


pretty ominous sign that we missed his hardness around the ball yesterday.


I couldnt agree more. When I saw he was out of the side, my first thought was that we’ve lost so much balance and flexibility. He’s actually very hard to replace, which I think speaks volumes for what he has done in his first year.


We missed him a bit on the weekend.

What more annoying is Worpel probably get the risiNg star this week after his match winning goal.


Dea out is huge too…

i think we would have made the move of Hooker forward earlier if Dea had of being playing.


What are the odds he has to linger in the VFL for another few weeks from his return?


Did he have the flu? Wonder if others were sick, some of the vision shows players completely disinterested and out of it. Heppell being the significant one, wasn’t grimacing in pain just looked out of it.