#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


If so, someone should give the players some sort of immune system boosting treatment…


May be the chef is back from a long stint away from the club after the food poisoning fiasco in preseason.


I was thinking more along the lines of: we need some “good” thymosin, the stuff that helps players avoid picking up colds and flus.


That stuff Melbourne took?


It is possible, but Hepps also has a groin issue so that might have been restricting his running capacity.


Oh no…don’t tell me Hepp lied to the club about it too!

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Oh no…don’t tell me Hepp lied to the club about it too!
Maybe he had a quick itch straight after applying vapour rub to his chest. Stings for ages.


hepp has had dodgy groins since he was drafted, just nobody at the club except dodoro believed him


Stats are so deceiving.

Sure Guelf might average getting the ball around 15 times a game, but I guarantee we would have nullified heaps more contests with him in and around tbe ball,wherever he played.


From Woosha’s press conference today - Guelfi is unlikely to play.


Hmm… illness, eh?


Huge zit, cannot ruin his reputation.


To be fair, if it was a dose of food poisoning or even the flu, he wouldn’t be in any state to play this weekend. Both can knock the sh-it out of you. In the case of the former, quite literally. When younger and healthier, I dropped nearly six kilo’s over four days with food poisoning. You can’t do that and expect to run a quarter marathon 4 days later.


Fair point. I’m just a bit skeptical when it comes to EFC and injuries…

Maybe he and Pink have been cosying up to each other (I’m no great fan, but she does appear to have a sound enough work ethic and has been wiped out for a few concerts lately due to a gastric virus).

I lost a few kg 10 years ago due to something similar, which knocked me out for about 3 weeks. I did manage to quit smoking as a result though (was too weak to get outside and light up…)


Flu knocks the ■■■■ out of you. It’s unbelievably rotten.


Some people seem to think it’s just a cough and a sniffle.


Really missed him, I think he would have made Smith far more accountable.


Yeap, had Swine flu a couple of years ago, never been so sick in my life, i can understand why it kills people


For some people, a cough and a sniffle is the flu.


That latest strain of the flu - upper respiratory viral infection - absolutely knocks you on your backside. Can’t lay down to sleep, too hard to breathe and coughing up phlegm all the time. Antibiotics don’t work on this its one of the viral thingy’s you have to ride out using Grandma’s remedies. Our household has had it since mid March. I hope Matt hasn’t got this brand of it.