#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Won’t help with the flu, but for the breathing and phlegm problem ask your Dr about Spiriva and Symbicort. They use them to help COPD sufferers breath and not choke on phlegm.


I was given Futiform, which is a combo of salbutomol and some other decongestant, works a treat


Thanks but unfortunately, I cannot take any of those sort of things because they are NOT dairy/lactose free and I am. In fact most medication and sprays contain dairy/lactose. They are used as a filler. I am anaphylactic without a pen.


Dodoro did superbly well with the three SSS.
But picking up Guelfi as well last year takes his 2017 recruiting efforts to outstanding.


Don’t forget Zerk! Star quality.

And Mynott really as a rookie is looking like will bypass quite a few of the young mids taken higher from previous years.

Ridiculously good year for us.


something about counting chickens


We recruited comebackdimma’s cat?


I could understand Guelfi missing last weeks game with gastro, what with it being an away fixture with the white shorts and all.
I had hoped to see him back tonight for a home game with the black shorts.
Or are we going full retro with the shiny red numbers in honour of the legends match?
In which case his continued absence makes sense, at least for the “look of the game”.


They said on Tuesday or Wednesday that he hadn’t recovered…4 or so days of chundering and crapping through the eye of a needle knocks you around through dehydration, not to mention the risk of him being contagious.




You’ve not heard that one ?


a normal poo wouldn’t fit through the eye of a needle…diarrhea poo does.


yeah can we talk about how hot guelfi is again please?


Guelfi’s poo is so hot right now


I know why he’s actually out.
I think you may have missed the reference to the colour of Hawthorns strip.
And a reminder that not everything was better in the good old days ( those red shorts …)


Well considering 4 of them have already performed well, this does not fit the discussion.


His ring is probably the hottest thing right now


Johnny Cash-type
A bum like a Japanese flag?




Ah…ta for that, I think