#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline




He’s the new, improved version of Benny Howlett.


Hope this guys ready to play this week, we’ve really missed him


Will prove how high he’s rated internally if he comes straight in. Phenomenal that a pick 76 would be a best 22 lock within a year.


Was known last year for his stoppage work and goalkicking, still much improvement left in him


I’d be bringing this kid back in with Raz missing. Green as well if Saad misses. Hopefully not. Cupboards are getting bare but not empty.


Need his mongrel and intensity against the tigers. Must come straight in.


How about he just brings his intensity.


Ill provide the mongrel if we get up.


Coming from the poo jogger???



Guelfi > parish


Not last night. I like Guelfi but he really struggled with the pace of the game.


What is wrong with you?


Reckon he is another one of those [email protected] gloating about


Love this kid.
He was a bit rusty last week,hope he finishes the year strong.
Needs a big preseason in the gym and greater fitness,and I believe he can go up a notch in 2019.


He is one of our fittest players on the list and repeat efforts are very good for a player transitioning from state league to AFL.

His inside work, hands in close and flexibility to play a number of defensive and offensive roles will see him play alot of games next season and in the future.


Up there as one of the most significant positives out of 2018.

Others could include;

  • Impact of all three recruits
  • Ability to beat good opposition on the road
  • Upward trajectory of THE and Parish in the midfield
  • Efforts of Brown and Smack standing up when needed
  • Adding Rutten to the box


He is tough as nails and all heart this kid. Not blessed with leg speed. But his other tools make up for it. Hope he can continue to improve and be a regular in the 22 next year.

At worst he is that fringe player who can play many roles, hence play many games for the club.


Really encouraging season. I’ve got no idea where he will end up or what his ceiling is but it was certainly a very impressive first year.