#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Does his absolute best to get in and compete in multiple contests until he’s influenced it our way. Priceless that attribute.


Like him to have a few years as our small back.


Interesting comment. I wouldn’t consider him slow.
Where do you reckon he’d sit? Obviously not up with our really quick guys, but I would have thought he’s similar to Zaka


I think he is pretty quick. I’ve watched the telstra tracker for top speed and he has been in the top 5 on several occasions during the game, but ultimately knocked out my the usual suspects in Saad, Tippa, McKenna. Also, it has been mentioned about his track and field background when drafted. It would be nice to know if he excelled in an event or even his combine results.


Alright, I looked it up… He got a ‘sub 3 second’ 20 m and 21.7 yo-yo?
It would put him somewhere in the top ten for 20m and top 5 for the yo-yo last year. Roughly on a par with Jaidyn Stephenson. He is a bit older, but it’s still impressive.


Chit yeah.


I wouldn’t say he is slow. It’s one of the main reasons he gets games over Mutch and Clarke. He may not stand out for pace but he won’t be exploited for the lack of it.


Pretty hard to stand out for pace in our side.
We have some serious wheels happening.


He has been playing around Heppell and Myers though


A sub 3 sec 20m is elite pace.
Gee thats a real surprise.


Wow, much quicker than I expected. He never looked really slow just kinda medium pace. Perhaps he its just that off the mark pace he lacks. Or he doesn’t lack it at all and I’m not seeing it.


Or maybe it is the role that he plays that makes it look like he isn’t going at high pace.


Guelfi has had a great year. Mark Harvey pointed out that he has had two years exposure to senior football in WA and that may go some way to explain why he has adapted so quickly to AFL standard. For someone so skinny he is strong at the contest and doesn’t shirk contact. From the start he has done all the 1%ers.
You really have to wonder what was holding him back in previous drafts. Maybe it was the jack of all trades nature of what he can do. He certainly is able to kick a goal when he has the opportunity AND he can shut down mid and forward opponents


I can’t believe how quiet this thread is given what he did this year. I think he is a victim of his own versatility.
When looking at our small defender stocks I think he could easily cover there. He showed a bit forward and was great overhead. I see him developing into a Baguley replacement if he doesn’t get midfield opportunities. He has great pace, works hard, is defensive and stays in the contest which is the modern footballer. He threw it on the boot a little bit last year, but I can see that improving along with his physique. I’d play him round 1 as he’ll only get better.


One of the best Dodoro specials of all time IMO.


I want him tried as a small defender


Couldn’t have asked for a better 1st year from him. I made the rogue decision to head along to the AFLX at the start of the year and my one positive takeaway from it was that number 35 showed a bit.

Intrigued as to how we are going to develop him.


His upside in physical development alone should see him elevate his game. Already AFL standard. I think what interested me most about his performances this year is he actually has some class around goals and showed some genuine quality with his overhead marking. A lot to look forward to and with respect to Mark Baguley, I suspect he has a few more weapons in the armory and could surprise with the attacking side of his game.


■■■■ hes hot.


I miss donnington