#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


I agree. Bags showed the value pressure brings in the forward line and Guelfi could emulate that with plenty of upside.


I like the classier Bags version idea.
Hes got the desperation in him like Bags,and some more AFL preseasons and harder,bigger body will see him use his agression with more effect.


Would have loved to see more midfield time but understand spots were limited. I really hope we pick a few more guys like him over the next few years. Hard, good enough kick and more mature aged, very impressed with his first year at the club. Also man he’s hot.


This young bloke can play anywhere, is prepared to have a go at anything and throws himself into where ever he plays. Great player for us and will only get better.


Love this guy. Wonder if he is best 22 when we are fully fit?

Borderline. Redman and Ridley in the same boat…


Depends if you want a good looking team, or a super hot one.


Guelfi is no Zakka.

And definitely no Tayte!


But; who is to say he couldn’t be but why should he be, he’s Guelfi.


Good WA kid

Will be better for the experience and hopefully break into the best 22 next year


I’m a Peverill kinda guy but that’s just me.


Bahahaha. Gold.


His value has been somewhat overshadowed by the recruiting of SSS, but e deserves to be more than just a footnote to that chapter of our history. He emerged as a player of value in his own right and that trend will continue to he grows a bit more, develops some tricks and becomes more established in the 22. Plenty to work with here.


I think he can play up fwd and do just as good of a job as baguley did this year.
Has no fear, harasses and can lose his man.
Guelfi or Begley get first crack at the pressure role and when winter comes Baguley in for a few weeks to rest their heavy legs.


I really like Guelfi, but i think barring a range of injuries he is going to find it tough to get a game next year. There are players coming back who are probably ahead of him, Shiel will come in for a spot.

But the one thing i do know, if if he does earn that slot from being better than the others he is going to be one hell of an inclusion.


I think he’s an absolute gem with a similar upside to most of our other younger players.


Guelfi classier than Bags?

Considerably less efficient disposal (65% vs 75%), considerably worse finisher (5.6 for the year vs 20.9)


I said I like the idea.
Not that he was,as of this moment.


Guelfi has only had the one AFL pre-season.

We did pick him up as an older draftee, but he is still really young when compared with our list.

Every chance that he has another level to reach.


Once he got selected he pretty much played the rest of the year. It’s about others stepping up and knocking him out of the side.


I can see him being a useful back pocket type, or perhaps a BAG’s type of small forward.

Will be interesting to see how he develops.