#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


The good thing about Guelfi he is so versatile and will play where asked to be to fill in and do a reasonable job. Would be happy with several more like him. He will be a much better player with another pre-season under his belt.


Much will depend on training and preseason competition performance but It is up to others to displace him from the team.


Plus whats to say he doesn’t take another step up.


I’d be interested to hear what the coaches have planned for him in the long run. He wasn’t a high draft pick so he doesn’t get talked about in the same conversations as Langford and Laverde who we have high expectations for, and seem determined to find a spot for, but Guelfi looks to have shown a similar mount of talent and footy smarts.

It would be a shame to treat him as a last-picked-utility-bench player for 50 games when he could potentially be an elite defender, mid or fwd if allowed to focus.


No shame in being a Chris Daniher.
(I know CD played more than 100 games but it felt like 50)


I don’t think a Guelfi has shown anywhere near what Langford showed last season.
I’m not sold at all on laverde though and would have Guelfi well ahead on last season’s form.
But to my way of thinking Guelfi isn’t competing with either of those guys.

I think his place in the pecking order warrants him being treated as a last picked utility bench player at the moment.
He needs to step up to become more than that. Personally I’d be surprised if he ends as elite anything.
I hope we try him as a small defender


Hasn’t shown half of what Langford has shown.


Hasn’t played half the games Langford has played.:roll_eyes:


He’s shorter, too.
So…you know…not as much to show.


Didn’t take as long as Langford to show something though.


What about the girth?


Not quite Gary Oak levels.


With Guelfi’s height, weight, athleticism and the way he plays the game, I reckon he could end up being a very, very good, high possession on baller.

Now that he’s within a professional full-time environment and given some of his listed (see 1st 50 posts) efforts playing in WA, I think he’s a bloke who could have a break out season and then dominate.

As his WA coaches stated, his possible issue is that he’s too adaptable and flexible in being able to play any position.


Where he was drafted is irrelevant to the coaches. Do you think that Sheed’s thought Hird wasn’t much chop early because he was pick 79.

That said, if he plays 100 games it will be remarkable. I don’t think he will ever be elite as you’ve suggested, but he could be a more than handy role player. Hopefully a premiership player too.


He could be real good if he works on a few things. He does a lot of things right.
Like Howlett, he’s great at staying in the contest, 2nd and 3rd efforts. Good athlete and he’s good overhead too. Also like Howlett, he’s a bit too scrappy by foot to really be confident with the ball in his hands.


Which shiel did the moment he got traded to us.


Colyer and Green effectively shared a spot, and they’re both gone now.


Could Guelfi be used in the non existant tagging role? seems like the sort of bloke who could do it well.


Could perform well in a job that doesn’t exist?
That’s one doozy of a back handed compliment.

Still I suppose it’d be tricky to say he, or anyone, didn’t do it well.


Didn’t mean it that way.

Would be nice if we started to tag the players we know will cut us up. Rather than letting them cut us up…