#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Did we get Shiel???


Nup, my mistake


Guelfi really impressed me in 2018. He is a great runner and puts a lot of defensive pressure on. His skills were good enough for a first year player.

I would guess that if he is fit and does a full pre-season he plays round one. It’s a great effort for a 21 year old.


Settling him into a particular position would surely be better for his development but it is his flexibility that is his best asset for the team. The fact that he can play multiple positions makes him an excellent 22nd man.



Firmly believe this lad is in our best 22. He showed plenty last year, and with his development will only play better. His attack on the player and the ball was outstanding. I doubt there were too many people saying he didn’t justify his place when picked last year.

I reckon in the future we’ll all say how much of a gem he was when we plucked him in the draft.


He is… not unattractive…


He’s borderline best 22 for mine but can most certainly play a part as a role player just like Baguley or Ambrose have.

Perfect back pocket for mine with stints in midfield if a man goes down.

Handy sort of a player to have on your list.


Is anyone else having trouble maximising the essendonfc.com.au videos to fill the computer screen? When I click the full screen tab nothing happens these last few months.


Exactly my feelings.


Yep, same


Best 22. Deal with it.


Donnington lite.


I’ve just been copying the link and pasting it into Edge instead of Chrome.


“I just want to play consistent footy and play my role, wherever I play. I want to put on a bit of size and keep building my fitness. My goal is to be someone who can play anywhere,” he said.

Yep. He may very well find himself shuffled around a bit, but he will get a lot of games.


He has a good team attitude and works hard so he will play plenty of games.


Why you wouldn’t want a bloke like him on the bench at least I wouldn’t know.

Can play back, cameo in the mids and play pressure foward.

Perfect bloke to have in the event of injury.

Next to Tippa, the bloke I am keen to be chasing down an opposition player. He usually gets them, and they stay got.


Plays with sheer hardness and hunger, you’ve got to have more than that (and he does) but I reckon those traits might not be quite as valued in the same way they once were.


It’s why i like him so much. The effort he goes to just to get a finger tip on the ball is amazing. I’d happily lock him in to our best 22.


He rarely enters a contest without positively influencing it.