#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


No, FFS.


You just won blitz.


The day after a match, spending his day off at the beach either surfing or doing recovery. He’ll be back today at training today. Sounds like the lifestyle of any other elite athlete to be honest.


It’s Rory Sloane’s routine. Can’t argue with that.


Can’t wait for donnington’s guelfi tagging fan fic.


He has been playing quite poorly.


It’s not like he’s Robinson Crusoe in that regard though, right?


This guy cannot play anymore.

He simply can’t.

I should be getting a game before him now. He is deplorable.


Brilliant final quarter… little things win you the game and this guy did it better than anyone


Awesome last quarter. Well done guelf


Was terrible in the first half but kudos to him, he never gave up and played a good role in the end and played very well in the last. Not sure he should be anywhere near the backline though.


Got stuck in, liked his game


Love him. So many smothers ,bumps, lose ball gets. He just always seems to win the ball or knock it to advantage when it’s around him.


Rushes his kicks but competed really well.

Persist with him down back.


If he adds a bit of compuser to his game he could be very serviceable imo.


Yep, he was good tonight despite some iffy turnovers.


Reckon he would make a great defensive forward. He is currently minding Redman or Gleesons spot


Much much better tonight.


Superb second half.


Bang on - Will play that winning ugly role to perfection