#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield


Probably not. I was thinking about Stringer when I wrote that.

anyone have any idea on the contracts? Maybe we simply didn’t want to pay what Rockliff was asking


I think it was as simple as he was to old. I’m not sure why people find that hard to understand.

I personally would prefer Stringer, Smith and Saad anyway.


The number i read being thrown around for Rockliff was 4 x 800k
Crazy money for a bloke being pushed out by Brisbane.


Which is more than what both Smith and Saad would be on combined.


It was less ‘pushed out’ than wanting out, I thought, wasn’t it?


Sounds similiar to will hams.


Definitely both ways. Lions didn’t want him to stay


How lazy does he make kicking it 60-70 metres look?

you may say myers is the same but he looks like hes belting the ball when he kicks it.


Haha yeah. At about 2 minutes in (on the Essendon website highlights) he “rushes” a kick from the back line that goes from about five meters from the goal line to almost the center square. Off a step.


All fair and good points - but which 2 of our off-season acquisitions would you have passed on to sign Rocky?


Stringer is a lot younger, and has a higher potential ceiling. Risk/reward.


Long and Merrett. Even throw mckernan in there


Why we wouldn’t go after Rocky:

  • Demands huge money (hurts our ability to afford other young talent)
  • Doesn’t fit age demographic (they want to bring up a core group of players in their early 20’s to achieve sustained success)
  • Is a headcase (doesn’t help his cause)
  • Has injury issues (longevity?)

Why we would go after Rocky:

  • Ball magnet
  • Great extractor (clear list gap)
  • Very capable when resting forward
  • Nothing to pay by way of trades

Clearly, good reasons why on both sides. I can understand not going for him if it means shelling out 800k a year - not sure we would have been able to afford the other 3 recruits if we’d done that. I’d also hope we have some money left over to target an FA next year.


That’s a bit facetious. He was obviously talking about $$$ wise, those 3 together would be lucky to be getting 1/3 of what Rockliff is.


Probably need to cut another 1 and a half players - who else goes?


That was the point


It’s horses for courses. There’s always a way. Anyway, it’s done now anyway


You should look up what the word ‘acquisition’ means.


you’re doing what with horses now?


Can you do it for me?