#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield


Genuinely not sure.


Braithwaite has made yet another comeback due to The Horses. Very popular amongst the Millennials. Seems it is in here too.


There’s another reason to add to the ‘wouldn’t’ side, that has a bit of weight.
His skill set can be found elsewhere, and has.


which bonafide clearance gun have we suddenly traded in?


Now he is a gun? Geez, before long he will be Prime Minister he is that good.

Such a great gun the only club that really wanted him was Port. Everyone else was fairty “meh” about the whole thing, even the club he was a gun at.


We’ve traded in his skill set, not his clone.


we’ve traded in some players that could potentially fulfil his skillset.


A mate of mine got a price for DB to play at his wedding. $10k for 1 song. Darryl Braithwaite didn’t play at his wedding.





Wait, what? Do people actually like that song??




Such a wank of a song.



Apparently yes. I have always disliked it, from the moment it first hit the airwaves.


There’s always one smart @ss that brings in the stats


Most aesthetic player on our list now?
(No homo)


Plenty to work with here. Once he gets the pace of the game


This kid is really going to surprise a few people.


Round 1 Smokey