#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield


Not quite for mine. He’s definitely got something and looked right at home yesterday but I just don’t see where he pushes into the side with a full list to choose from. There are already a host of selection headaches to resolve before we get to him.

Green and mcniece both put there hands up yesterday at opposite ends of the ground, bj is playing as a defender, Saad and Conor look in ripping nick, gleeson ain’t going anywhere and bags is certainly still there abouts.


I expect mcneice to take bags spot at some stage this year


Gylfi Sigurðsson


Did himself no harm at all yesterday.

But still got a lot of guys to beat for a spot.

Great draft selection… but round 1 would really really surprise.


Playing bj back really puts the squeeze on for spots. It’s no clear to me whether we’re going to play 3 talls or 2 plus Gleeson, bj.

Bj goes back to Kelly spot, Saad replaces McGrath, conor and Gleeson. If we then play Ambrose hurls Hartley are we really going to pick bags as an 8 th defender?

I just don’t feel comfortable with Gleeson or bj as the no.3 tall.

Do we want bj back on ball, does bj keep Gleeson out of the side.

Selection is going to be fascinating


I didn’t see anything yesterday that evidenced we were going to run with Hurley / Ambrose / Hartley. I thought the teams indicated that Hartley may be down the pecking list.

I agree, it is difficult to pick the 7ish defenders. I felt they often played last year with one too many. I hope they don’t do that again.


Was pretty much what I expected, not best 22, but not far off it either. Good pickup


Just loaded up “Inni”.

See you all in the songs I haven’t heard in years thread a bit later…


I’m not sure about it being this year, but I’m with you on McNiece. He really impresses.


Yep i definatly thought this last year that mcneice would surely be his replacement in the near future.


That long raking left foot goal from McNiece yesterday was awesome!


Meanwhile, what about Matt Guelfi?




Looks the goods! I think he’ll develop well into a reliable performer long term.


Massive VFL watch on Guelfi.


Early signs are good with this kid IMO.




Reckon we found one with this kid.


Yes he does. Already competing better than Jackson Merrett IMO. Good little player and he has a nice haircut too.


Kid showed me again why I reckon he will get games this year. Reads the play very well & doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff, loves a contest. Impactful and head made of concrete. Thats a yes from me. .
I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get games sooner than many think. For those that know him, his kicking is a massive feature & can kick very accurately on a single step over a long distance. I am going to back the kid in.