#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield


Wouldn’t mind another MJ in the side.


Has potential in droves. I reckon he will get a game or two this year.


Not sure I agree here.

Last year our midfield was poor at stoppages. Our half back line generated lots of turnovers that turned into inside 50s and our I50-score efficiency was high. So, we were able to lose the midfield battle and still win 12 games . This was possible through several key players. Hurls who had massive intercepts and rebound 50 numbers , and the +1 defender, who usually dropped back out of the midfield sometimes Zerret, but a lot of the time BJ .

So, if we need to set up like that in order to win, so be it, but if we can win more than 50/50 clearances courtesy of the package and Smith, then it places less pressure on the half back line to turn the ball over repeatedly , then we can structure up a nice zone and hold the ball inside 50.


But the kid is not his son


Sigur ros.

Great album


His jib, specifically the cut of it, is pleasing.


A live set for your viewing pleasure at



Best show I ever saw of theirs was in an old quarry in one of the Viking lands. Pitch black, natural amphitheatre, high white cliffs. ■■■■■■■ ripper


That sounds great!!


And how did Guelfi enjoy it?


He’s the new Chad Sexington


When he came out after the intraclub he was almost begging someone to ask for his signature or a photo. Which he then did very graciously.


She’s just a girl who thinks that I am the one?


Yes it was a rubbish adaption but kid showed he has it. Was better than a lot of afl stars.

But he has more to gain by putting in 100% so I’m not going over the top


I like the boy


He smashed into someone and knocked them over.

That and no injuries was the best part of AFLX.


reminds me of Iceman from Top Gun


I’ve been spouting this since day 1.



#35 “Iceman” Guelfi