#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield


Couple of big goals from outside 50 that went a fair distance beyond the target.

Could he be a shut down mid that can score as well.

I like it when persistance is rewarded.


well let’s hope Guelfi doesn’t play on from a set shot out in front


Imagine the population of Nutsland. What a dump state.


Looks like the next Howlett, hope he can become a solid contributor just like bobcat.


As pointed out above looks the ideal replacement for Bags.

Looks decent overhead and doesn’t take his eye off the ball, nice disposal without being outstanding and looks to be a one touch player below his knees which gives him time.

Good solid pick.


Getting the sense he would be a direct Bags replacement. Focused, tough, elite skills and speed off the mark, and extremely strong defensively and in the air. I can see him running off his opponent and slotting one from 60!


Dont understand the Bags tag, I think he is midfielder like Parish


His highlights were super impressive on the AFL website.

Then I find out that those were from the WAFL… WOW.


Ready to go


Not a lot of those highlights were in traffic like he will see at AFL level.

He looks a clean player but at WAFL level you are going to get time to dispose of it, much the same as VFL level.

He looks a little vanilla to be considered any more than a part time mid but could become a very valuable role player.


You might be right but it can sometimes be easier for kids like this with AFL experienced players like Myers and Heppell helping him out


Automatically becomes the longest kick on our team.
(with JoeDan)


Sides have about ten or more rotations so he only has to be able to play a role which is just what we want.

I like him. Just not going to get expectations up on him being anything more than serviceable.

I think he’s a good pick.


And Myers.


Seems like Myersey has lost a bit of that that long kick action.


Yeah, didn’t see it much in the seniors but given an opportunity at VFL level he was having a ping from outside 50.

It’s probably more team instructions that we don’t see much of it any more. Probably a good thing.


Findow in our premiership window?


Looks very good. Very nice kick.


Yep put on some muscle, Bags replacement.Quicker witg a longer kick.


What I take from his highlights is that he never misses a target, never makes a poor decision, has elite disposal, can win his own ball, can defend and do the 1%ers and go forward and kick a goal.

Based on that, Hep has a lot of work to do to win back the captaincy and his spot in the team from Guelfi.