#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield


Heppell also played half back.

He was named All Australian back pocket in his draft year :grinning:

Zaharakis played wing and hff also which is hardly the type of midfielder we are talking about.


Playing somewhere else at state level, or being named somewhere else at AA, means three fifths of five eighths of f**k all.


I agree.

It’s why I cant understand why people are so against picking guys with minimal exposure to playing midfield.

AFL is a professional environment and it is expected that’s where they will get the majority of their education.

Making a call on an 18 yo kid has never been an exact science. Especially when you start talking about speculative picks.


Couldn’t give a toss where they play as a junior it means very little. This picking HBF BS and turning them into midfielders that keeps going on around here is laughable to me. Most players 190cm and under these days need to be able to play some time in the middle, its the way of the modern game, you need all types rotating through there. On the flip side a pure mid must have ability to play Fwd or Back due to limits in rotations.
Collingwood has tried to pick a team full of mids which is working well…

Back on topic, looks like a solid pic especially late into the draft. Looks clean, composed, and makes good decisions. At the very least will be a good fringe player with potential for more.


So was an ex of mine.


He’s 100% a midfielder


Guelfi - I like the sound of this guy.


Not as often as we’d have liked.
Although except for Parish and McGrath it is our entire first choice midfield;
Heppel, Zerrett, Myers, Zaharkis, Langford,
Plus Stringer, Smith, and Begley.


Did a double take before I realised it wasn’t that CFC


Seems arrogant


The photo in front of the trophy cabinet is a dead giveaway


They got him that jumper quick smart…unless he whipped straight down to Rebel Sports.

He’ll find out soon enough you don’t have to buy your own gear at Essendon…it’s not North Melbourne.


That is a haircut you can set a clock too


Amazing how young he looks, given he’s a “mature aged draft pick”. Sometime forget that these are really just kids.


The anti-Heppell.

Might explain why Cassidy Parish has missed out so far.


May explain why Aaron Heppell thought he should cut his hair this year…


What, we are no longer sensitive to others?


Surely not much evidence of this sort of stuff this year?

Whether they’re right or wrong, all 3 are pretty black and white selections - the most talented junior still there, project tall back, and a mature agent who I suspect will either make it pretty quickly, or not at all.


Who are you thinking of particularly?

Guelfi was pigeon holed as an inside mid as an 18 & 19 year old - he’s only added flexibility to his game more recently.


I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that the CFC on the football is Clarance Football Club and not something far more disturbing…