#36 Jayden Davey

Alwyn needs to be dropped. Just not hunting the contest enough for me. He seems to always be sitting off on the chance the ball spills out for a uncontested opportunity.

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He has layed a tackle in every match. Except the last one.


Jayden is playing much better than Alwyn ever has at VFL level. He is getting more possessions, has more tackles, kicks more goals and seems faster. It’s just a matter of time before he replaces Alwyn in the AFL level.


That’s just not true, though. Jayden kicks more goals, but he averages 8.6 disposals (last week’s 15 was his first double digit possession game) and 1.5 tackles (high of 4) in the VFL. Alwyn averages 13.1 disposals (high of 22) and 4.7 tackles (high of 9).


Last week was the outlier, needs to do that a few more times.


I reckon for him, the coaches would be looking first at his pressure acts, tackles, ability to cover ground and to make multiple efforts without needing to stop to a walk for a breather.

Getting on the end of a few goals is great and should be good for his confidence but when it comes to AFL selection and fitting into a system it’d more about the other stuff first.


I might be wrong, but I reckon Jayden may be quite a long way off the selection frame. Given the physical demands and defensive pressure required at AFL level and how slowly they have reintegrated him to even VFL football - I think he is a slow burn and will be given the year in the VFL to battle-harden and build his tank for those repeat efforts.


Realistically the aim was always for him to maybe debut late in the year at best, we just got excited because he kicked 3.


Careful, he may back it up with another 3 this week and knock on the door for Dreamtime.


Great update. Thanks.

I agree, but I still think he is showing a lot more than Alwyn, but he does need more VFL time to prepare him for a shot at AFL. Afterall he is returning from 2 ACLs and that’s not easy, but he has the tools and I hope they don’t bring him into the AFL until he’s really ready. Give another 2-3 years and they could become a dynamic duo.