#36 Jayden Davey

Walla. 31’s a totally reasonably age to play at for a small forward. Although now I come to think about it, May 2021 and September 2021 would have had very different answers to the question “how long do you reckon he’s got left?”

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Certainly not in the case of Alwyn and Lual who are both contracted for next year.

I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Jayden in the last month or so, but just haven’t seen enough of it (ie needs to find the ball more). He’s going at 1.5 goals a game in the last month, which is respectable, but only a little over a goal a game over the season as a whole.
I was surprised by the low possession count (~9 ave per game) - I think I was confusing the brothers and maybe adding a few of Alwyn jnrs :smile: - easy to do with the shonky camerawork sometimes. He’s creative with his possessions though - definitely a ‘keep’ for mine.

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I used to love Leroy but feel as though he never fully hit the highs I thought he was going to produce


I’d agree. I don’t think he was particularly well developed under Hird.


Leroy had the issue of every small forward that i don’t rate, his conversion rate wasn’t good enough, particularly under pressure. It’s why i hate the club offering ainsworth a contract. Davey seems pretty accurate around goals which is good.

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Usually I’d say no chance of being delisted but with what happened with Munkara who knows now…


Anything is possible. Comes down to whether the club feels they have enough to work with. Lual in particular was a lower draft pick with no family ties to the club, so they might look at him and say he isn’t the best decision maker or kick, so let’s just cut our losses and try again. I used Lual as an example, I have’s seen much of him to make that determination. We have done this before.

I hope we offer Wanganeen a 1 year contract now that they’re playing him in his best position. His improvement over the last few weeks has been obvious.
I guess he has the remaining H&A games to earn his chance.


Incredibly seldom with young draftees taken in the ND after their first season. None that I recall taken in the second round by any club.

Exactly. No need to rush that decision.

Laul is very much in danger I reckon.

Has ANY club ever cut a second round draftee after their first season for non-disciplinary reasons?

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I wouldn’t have thought so unless it was for off field issues

i’ve got a vague memory that Austin Lucy was cut mid contract

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at some point though, you have to stop the cycle of just cutting lower picks (unless they don’t meet the off field standards required) and back them in.

drafting kids then giving them 2 years, then cutting them, then drafting a new back of kids, then doing the same isn’t exactly working out that well in the beyond say 30-40 pick ranges.

The AFL cutting list sizes by 4 has crippled the career of fringe players who need time and development. Many of those being talked about are perfectly viable to hold if there wasn’t intense list size pressure.


and then the AFL wonder why the number of indigenous players in the AFL is falling…


And why injury list and soft tissue injury are happening routinely, also puts more pressure on medicos regarding head knocks and concussion too.

I can’t believe the AFLPA hasn’t made it a stronger point, however, less players means the top dogs get a larger slice of the TPP pie.

With Tassie coming in I can’t see them raising the number for fear of the mythical dilution of talent.

Does the Gold Coast still have a larger list size or are they now back to level pegging?