#36 Jayden Davey

Dodo. It’s in the article above


I presume they’re the first twins on our list ever?

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Nah Jason and Mark Johnson


The Telcom brothers were not related

Did someone bid on Jayden? Would have thought we’d prefer him on the rookie list if we could…

I think we had to take him once we nominated him. I think someone was repeatedly explaining that on the draft thread.


Isn’t that the same as Baldwin. Did the second knee early in the previous year and rehabbed all his first year with us apart from one or two games at end of season.

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I wonder if these two have that sibling chemistry on field like the krakour brothers reportedly had and the king brothers did too (under age).

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Wait until Sydney finds out they got the wrong one

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Highlights up now.

The way he runs, bounces & side-steps at around the 48 sec mark reminds me so much of his Dad. How fun.

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Welcome Jayden.

Could Jayden be back to full training early next year?

No. He’s Cat B, not inactive. Just needs an LTI to be able to play ones.

I didn’t post the quote as it was playing up on my phone but I was referring to the bit in the article about Jayden Davey, not Munkara.

*edited it now to include the quote

He does move more like his dad than Alwyn Jr.

Got that guy hunched over the ball, ankle breaking dance vibe.

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good news. already in record books as first drafted twins by same club in same draft as father son.

Actually like that there wasn’t a huge gap between both of them.


So was their mum.