#36 Michael Hartley


I have tried to see how Ambrose does this. This is all about maintaining contact, either side by side or behind. When behind Ambrose often has his arms underneath his opponents arms and without wrapping him up, lifts his arms at the time when the ball is about to come in, This is never seen as chopping the arms, but it disturbs his opponents arms enough to spoil the mark.
When side by side Ambrose has enough body strength to effectively disturb most of the players he competes with and prevent the mark. Ambrose can jump well and put in spoils in packs. ( watch out for those quads Ambo)

By contrast, Harts tends to wrap his arms around his opponent, or spoil over the top, and it costs frees for holding or chopping. Other times he just loses contact on really mobile opponents. Harts is good at spoiling in packs and is potentially a better mark and longer kick than Ambo.


He may or may not be in great form atm but he sure as ■■■■ has some quality forwards to train against to help him get to where he needs to be.


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No, no idea. I read someone else say that and just assumed that’s what it was


I reckon you’ll find the acronym stands for “in my humble opinion”.

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Generally a good indication that somebody’s about to go full alpha male “my opinion is better than yours”


I believe Harts is an in-between player. He’s good enough with plenty of upside, but not critical to hold onto. I mean this respectfully, but he’s one of the more valuable tradable players on the list. You’d spew if left, but you’d understand because he brought needed value in return. I think this because I see Brown and Harts competing for the same spot in the side, and both are behind Ambrose currently, and if all goes well, could both be behind Francis if he develops as hoped. In addition, we’re likely to add another key back man named Fletcher at the 2018 draft. I also think opposition clubs would trade for Harts but not for Brown.


What do you think we’d get for him? I’d think maybe a second rounder.


Would be a late second rounder at best.

Has potential but also has obvious flaws.




Wow, doesn’t take much to get booted out the door here.


Excellent post - You nailed exactly how Ambrose does these actions.


I should have known better than to say the word “trade”.
I didn’t make the comment to raise speculation on his value, but rather to illustrate where I see him at present. He is a solid AFL player, and for this reason players like him attract attention and their clubs may be open to trading if the outcome is a win/win. But players at his age can also exceed expectations within a couple of years. Hooker is the perfect example.


Just watched the replay.

He lost maybe two or three one on ones. Won another two.

Was torched by a couple of turnovers 20-40 meters away and gave a couple of frees.

It wasn’t a demolition over four quarters and Kennedy was playing ok considering the stinker the rest of the team put in.


The guy is a 198cm key defender who has played the grand total of 24 games. He is a work in progress, who I would think is probably ahead of schedule in his development. Maybe wait a couple of years before starting to pay out on the bloke. So far he is doing a very good job imo. Some people seem to expect miracles.


Nobody is paying out on him (that I’ve seen). Is it not ok to say someone is not in great form or has been beaten by his opponent? These overreaction serve no purpose.


You fail to mention that Kennedy is the best FF in the AFL and has won the Coleman 3 years in a row.

I personally think that Hartley compliments Ambrose perfectly. Keep him in.