#36 Michael Hartley


Why do you always mention player ratings. It’s based on the last 2 years and for our club, they couldn’t be any more irrelevant.

As for Hartley, with extra quality around him and natural progression, he has no excuse for going backwards this year. Thought we had a good player on our hands last year, but he’s been massively disappointing this season. Looks and plays like a pothead.

As for our the rest of our backline, we had a returned superstar (Hurley), the no.1 draft pick (McGrath), a wily old veteran (Pops), a top notch KPF stopper pre-injury (Ambrose), a big improver (Gleeson), an explosive rebounder (Irish), a tough as nails small stopper (Bags)…and we’re still ■■■■. This tells me we lack something in the coaching department, because the ingredients for a good defense are there. Our midfield don’t do them many favours, but this group lose more 50/50s than a good backline should. Hurls needs to get back to defending and others need to step up in place of McGrath (midfield) and Kelly (retirement), otherwise it will continue to be rubbish next year as well.


Two defenders - one an AA, the other a whipping boy. Could anyone discern a difference between their abilities y/day? Didn’t think so…
Shows how fkn appalling Hurley was…


I don’t think we can carry both Ambrose/Hartley. Either Hartley needs to add some strings or we need to look at other options…


Depth only. Is simply not good enough, was so soft in the air yesterday. Should be smashing contests, looked a half hartley at the contest. Hurley, Ambro, and Franga/Brown.


I’d be looking at someone like Jackson Trengove. He’s a big body, is experienced, has a bit of aggro, and can pinch hit in the ruck. And he’s a free agent too, I think. Big upgrade on Hartley, he can take on the gorillas and release Hurley. Hopefully Franga will come on too.


People have a crack at Langford about energy/intensity/lethargy… this bloke is twice as bad IMO.


Appreciate him helping the club out when we were on the rocks, but it’s time he either adds something to his bag of trick, or moves on


Has bad body language.


In terms of actual defending he went backwords this year. See what we could get in a trade


Much prefer Brown over Hartley - About the same level in one-on-one defending but offers more as an interceptor and in an attacking sense.


I like him. If the offer was right, I would be open to a trade but second year in the system and often took the number one forward. I find it hilarious that everyone loves Ambrose and hates Hartley. Had some shockers this year but also some rippers. Would expect the gap between best and worst to narrow next year.


You’re all wrong. Hartley is ok, our midfield pressure would make Rance look like a B grade player!



Together they make an awesome player.

Harts has one last roll of the dice next season and then he’ll be cut loose. He can play, we’ve seen it. He gives a toss, we’ve seen it (after getting his nose caved in last season). I don’t know if it’s second year blues or we’re trying to turn him into something he’s not cough Langford cough but he’s gone backwards and hard.

And if we’re pinning our hopes on Brown over Hartley then we’re even more farked than I thought. Hartley over Brown every day of the week for mine.


The problem with both Hartley and Ambo is that neither is able to play from the front position, because they are horrendous readers of the play.

Given Hooker is now a forward, Brown is a much better option as our #3 defender. Can’t play Ambo and Harts in the same squad.


Got messed up when he got told not to just spoil and try to be more attacking.

I’d take him getting 8 touches and shutting down his oppenent any day.

As allblack said, I think another year of finding what the balance is will do him good, I think he is absolutely worth persisting with.

People forget this was a bloke who last year went head first into a pack and had ho nose smashed across his face, and came back the week after and did the exact same thing.


Michael Hartley i’m sorry is completely INEPT! - Should 100% not be a starting full-back, lacks skill and hunger. He has stood up in certain moments but this guy should be a depth player. - Our game style is now based on speed, attack and turnovers, this guy for the life of him cannot read the play to save his life, he can spoil and that is about it, we need someone who can intercept and the transition the footy accordingly.


Inept. Lol.


Thought he was a long termer at the end of last year, looked jaded this year and now I’m concerned.


You fellas bit¢hing on about Hartley are no doubt the same clowns who reckoned Chooker was useless and should have been traded years ago; the same ones who wanted to see the back of McKenna; the same idiots who still carp about Marty Gleeson. You know sweet Fánny Adams about defence work.

Hartley’s a bluddy fine defender: we need more like him. He stays.

Get a life. Watch and learn.


Hartley has all the skills and attributes to be a bluddy fine defender.

But he stunk it up for most of this year, and I really don’t know why.