#36 Michael Hartley


The defenders had no hope on saturday


How do you go from leading comp in spoils to being absolutely refusing to contest a high ball



The tall defenders were terrible - How many times did the Swans forwards take contested marks - It’s not like these Swans forwards received silver service.


He’s looked like he’s been second guessing himself all year. Would love to know what’s going on in that noggin, he’s not given a very good account of himself.


Who played on Sam Reid? He was kept fairly quiet and had little impact.


Hurley 1st half, then Ambrose. Hurley moved to Buddy.


Wasn’t Hurley on Sinclair at least it looked that way when he was getting towelled up by him.


My memory is fading, but I seem to recall that during the year Bomba coached in 2014, that the defense was maniac in spoiling when the ball came anywhere near the back-line. It seemed that they punched at any cost, and it has changed greatly this year with free close spoiling attempts. Is this coaching, umpiring or what ? Or that there is no Fletch ?


Hartley played on Reid who only took 5 marks & kicked zero goals even with a gazillion forward entries coming in at a rate of knots, while Sinclair ran amok on Hurley & Buddy annihilated Ambrose on one leg in one quarter.


Maybe that’s partly because they never kicked it anywhere near Reid and they knew Hartley would never come over to help as 3rd man


Actually, I think you’re right. It’s just a fading nightmare now.


Lol… must find a way to blame Hartley…


Yep, thought we had pulled off a master stroke last year and had found our 196cm key defender with a late pick. Had a terrible year really and it’s certainly a mystery as to why. He is absolutely worth persisting with as structurally if he can get it together it helps the back line immensely. Unfortunatley we are pretty reliant on him as the Ambrose/Hurley MK11 just isn’t big enough.


I think Harts attacking development this season may have actually been to his detriment. He’s been asked to change his game style to a more attacking one, dropped to the 2nds to work on it. I think he would have been better off left to do what he does best (defensive punch) and let his attacking game evolve with game time, experience and most importantly confidence.

You look at Fletch when he started, he was continually criticised as a “see ball, punch ball” footballer, little more than a tall guy gangly arms. Sheeds allowed him the time and space to develop into the player he eventually became. I’m not saying Hartley could be a champion like Fletch but some players need to find their own way in the game, rather than fast track him into the perfect defender inside a season, Harts hopefully will be a more rounded defender 50-100 games in.


They had pretty good service. On that ground, when you see another clearance won, you begin your lead.

I agree that, like much of the team, they had no idea what to do once the pressure came on though. Our reading of the high ball coming in was atrocious.


How many year contract we give?


Problem is Ambrose offers little offensively. You can’t have 2 key defenders who don’t intercept or attack.

And across the sample size Ambrose is ahead of Harts. So he either needs to add some skills or he will dwell in the 2’s.

Don’t be surprised to see Brown start round 1 next year again for this very reason.




Absolutely agree. I’ll go one further and say I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hartley playing round 1 at another club next season. Doggies maybe?

He seems like a player that will take time to develop. Will we give him that time though?


That has a lot of logic.

I also agree he has the development in him.

Time will tell where it all ends up for him.