#36 Michael Hartley


Yes, if we manage to do a deal for Stringer would not surprise to see Hartley a part of it. They have no shortage of midfielders, it’s tall defenders they need.


Dogs have Marcus Adams coming back from injury, and also have Jackson Trengrove as free agent in their sights.

More likely if Stringer goes they will need marking targets/medium fwds.


I would hope we have Trengove in our sights. Was a Bombers supporter too.

And even with Adams they’re short down back.


Not sure Wulla woukd cope without his Bff


I would hope not.


When caught out one on one with especially mobile forwards he seemed to panic and revert to overt scragging which often resulted in free kicks. If the opposition opts to bomb it long he looks more comfortable. Can certainly compete in the air. On the plus side he is a good field kick.
Looked to have his spot taken by Ambrose at the start of the year but kept his position when Ambrose returned.


Finished 5th in the league for effective disposals per game, 4th for 1 percenters, and was statistically better in nearly every category this season compared to 2016.

People mark him far to harshly, he is 198cms the only defender on our list who can actually take big forwards. He has played 37 games, keep developing him FFS.


He looks like hes gonna neck himself when he loses a marking contest


Some of your “stats” are not right benfti.

And anyone who thought his 2017 was better than his 2016 didn’t watch enough games.

But I think he will develop into a good player.


Yes they are.



On footywire 5th place goes to Sam Docherty. In fact Hartley doesn’t feature in the top 100 for effective disposals.

He is 5th for 1% though.


Ding ding ding ding. We have a winner.


Finished 17th for effective disposals per game for Essendon.

But your post had 21 likes so it must be right.


Hi @IceTemple

Since you spotted this quite well.

I bet there is a correlation between high 1% defenders and low intercept possession players.

And I bet high intercept players have low 1% stats.

And that is his issue. We want him to be more Cale Hooker and less Josh Gibson. So that stat is not necessarily a good stat for him to be high.


I suspect Benfti means effective disposal %


Which is a useless stat. Particularly for defenders.

And with the foot skills he possesses he should be taking more risks.

Look I like Hartley. But he was Captain Conservative all year and he has the potential to be a lot more but hardly backed himself, ever.


It’s the only way that makes sense. He’d only be averaging somewhere around 12 touches wouldn’t he?


And now I have checked he was 24th for metres gained per game at Essendon. So stats in isolation are misleading. Matt Dea and Baggers averaged more metres gained than Hartley per game.

Which again points to his conservative play.

He needs to develop. He went backwards. He played in his shell.


5th in % of effective disposals per game 86.3.

I’m using champion data.


Yeah, both Hartley and Baguley have been in the top ten all year.

Both players are pretty conservative with kicking in comparison to say a Hurley.

If Hartley can develop that part of his game and provide more of a aerial threat then he can become a good player.

My concern with him is that he is a bit of a spectator.