#36 Michael Hartley


Yes mate, but surely when you combine the full picture of how he was using the ball, how he wasn’t intercepting, how he wasn’t taking risks etc that the stat you are providing is irrelevant.


Check Fletch’s intercepts and 1%'s.


And check Rance. Yeh yeh.

Some players are champs and can do both.

Harts is not. And he 1% too often when be should intercept.

■■■■■■ hell a bit of narrative creativity among you lot.


How about 2%'ers?


Let’s be serious.

I’m not saying anything that the selection committee wouldn’t be saying when they dropped him at stages in the season.

He was sent to the VFL to be more offensive.

It’s also why Mitch Brown fit will probably start Rnd 1 next year.

It’s an obvious weakness in his game. And he didn’t make great strides in 2017 on this.

I struggle how you lot throw stats out and blah blah without being honest about his season.


I agree with most of what you’ve said if I must be serious. But I also understand that Hartley is a long way from being fully developed.


You got there first…

And I said above multiple times he is still developing and should be a good player.


That stat is pretty irrelevant tbh in this situation.

That’s not to say I don’t think he has a place in the side but more that that particular stat doesn’t really mean a lot when the number of possessions is reasonably low. He had 212 disposals verses Hurley who had 427 (disp effic 79%). That’s not a lot of possies to use that stat as justification.


I felt Hartley was good in 2016.

I felt he had some poor games in 2017.

If I had to pick a guy I wanted to see win the most improved award next season it would be him. Our side needs him on the field and performing at career best or higher levels.


And clearly Hurley is trying to hit a lot more difficult targets.


Agree, it’s not relevant. If a player has 12 touches a game and chips it 20m sideways/backwards to an unmarked teammate each time, his disposal efficiency will be very high, but it means nothing.

The top 3 clanger kings in the league this year, in order, are: Dustin Martin, Luke Parker, and Dangerfield. They must all be duds to be making so many clangers…


Hartley became very reactive this year; so many times he would have won the contest if he’d watched the ball and not his man.

I hope we ascertain over the pre-season whether he could work in Hooker’s role.


I thought this myself.

Unfortunately we had to continue to play Hartley due to Ambrose being injured but I would have liked to see Hartley trialed as a forward in the VFL.

At worst it would at least get him to concentrate on whats happening up the field rather than purely focusing on his opponent.


I find it hard to believe this could not be taught by Hurls and Hooker. Just have him spend a few sessions focusing on getting his hands on the ball at every opportunity.


Is that the Hooker forward role or the Hooker back role?


Forward. Big enough to be a gorilla freeing Joe, and the defender can’t zone off because any mark within 60 metres of goal should mean a score.


lad can kick.


Im not sure hartley is strong enough in the body or a good enough mark to be playing Hookers role up forward


I’m not sure either but it certainly hasn’t been proven to me he can’t play “see ball, clunk ball, kick ball” to effect.

Otherwise, in most circumstances I would be inclined towards Brown over Hartley down back.


Great coming from behind to spoil but too easily brushed aside, body on body, by strong forwards.