#36 Michael Hartley


He will learn and build more core strength. 37 games bro


His best is pretty friggin good, he hasn’t played his best in over 12 months though.

I actually rate Hooker back him forward, booming kick on him, much more accurate and is a fair clunker of the footeyball


The problem is we’ve been spoiled by Hurley, Hooker and Fletch.

KPD are quite often pretty average, you have 1 decent and a couple of at best bit players. Hartley is on par with a lot of other key backs in the league.


And what were Blitzers saying about these three champions when they’d each played only 37 games ?


Well, considering my age:

Hooker at 37 games: Trade him for Caddy I think. Glad I got that wrong.
Hurley at 37 games: Kids a gun, future of the club. Got that one right.
Fletcher at 37 games: Maybe a simple go bombers, but at 18 months-2 years old hard to recall.


You are also a BabyBomber I see!





Great game by Harts. He and Brown were excellent.


Hello 2016’s Michael Hartley.


Yeah, best game he’s played in a long time. More of that, less panicked jumper holding.

Well done Harts.


Played well. Took some grabs, spoiled when he needed too and was prepared to peel off his man required.

More of that please.


It was very much a continuation of his upward swing during last week’s VFL game.

Easily responsible for the 12 points we won by.


Love how he got stuck into that Adelaide player who collected Brown. Angry.


Round 1 : C+ Encouraging signs. Will be watching closely to see if he can consistently maintain that level of performance.

Honestly… how significant would Hartley be for us f he could play to the level we all hope and dream that he could.


first year player tho, essendon bullying…


Hang on, yaco was just saying that Harts was the luckiest player ever cause he only gets games because of injuries??


Was shocked at how well he played.

More of that please Michael!


I don’t know where that Michael Hartley has been, but I’m glad he turned up tonight. Was absolutely fantastic. Looked like the Hartley of 2016 but with much better marking


His field kicking is awesome and the bit of agro he’s showing is what’s needed.