#36 Michael Hartley


News flash, Liam Jones cannot do it. He’s been torched the last 4-5 games he’s played, absolutely obliterated. Conceded about 30 goals in his last 5 games. Found out. He’ll be out of that Carlton team by the end of the season if not sooner.


To be fair to Jones, more than half of them were against Lance Franklin and Josh Kennedy (WCE). They have taken apart some proven defenders during their careers, so might be going a bit harsh on him.

But still, fark carlton.


Yeah, but he’s like 27-28, been in the system 9-10 years, a remnant of a previous coach’s bad decisions - and pretty much useless outside a one on one contest with a big bloke.
He coughs up another 5+ goal haul, he might find his locker cleared out before his next training session. Last chance saloon.

It’s terrific.


I’ve loved him from day dot and really hope he keeps improving to carve out a long career at the Bombers




One day I’ll see Stallion post in this thread and it won’t be ‘nina’.


No you won’t.


He got toweled by Jacob Townsend last weekend… he’s cooked.


Tom Lynch has 6 to half time, on none other than Liam Jones…


Been watching him warm up before the team ran out. He’s a terrific kick for goal. Is it worth trying him forward? Not sure whether he’s played there or not previously but he’s ordinary as a defender IMO. When he inevitably returns to VFL level, trialing him in the forwardline might be an option.


Looked formidable at times today and then there were times where he was awful.


Would be a good idea IMO. Tries very hard but is being found out against the better forwards.

Will lose his place when Ambrose comes back in.


Played there at Collingwood, his marking is the issue.


Who loses their place in the forward line then?

It’s too bad that he is a n automatic out when Ambrose come so back in though. Doesn’t deserve to lose his place based off two of his three games this season.


When isolated one on one deep back close your eyes and hope for the best.

Clubs are aware of it and until he learns to watch the ball and not the man he will continue to get exposed.


Up forward in the VFL for a few weeks was what I was suggesting. Would be interesting to see how he goes.


He is a beautiful field kick and would be hugely damaging if he got the ball more often. The problem is he doesn’t get it enough to use it because he can’t take a mark to save himself. If he can change that he’ll be an asset.


A few nervous moments but thought he was good today


If he can sit one step off his opponent and spoil from behind, he’ll do it almost every time.

But when he has to push back with the flight of the ball, he takes his eyes off it and goes looking for body contact; which he never finds.


Does it every time as well.