#36 Michael Hartley


Yep, he can certainly launch them.


Had to have shut up his knockers today, … surely?


how cooked are you?


Doubt it.

If I’m not mistake this was the first time we had Hurley, Hooker and Hartley all in the same defence and it worked well. And we’re already talking about changing it up.


Time some of you blokes changed the record. You’re coming out with the same bullshit about Hartley now as you were spouting about Chooker only four years ago.

Hartley’s a classic full back, whereas Chooker is a great CHB who can also play KPF. Hurley has become a third tall in the Fletcher mould. Ambrose is a HBF, rather than a KPD.


Caught up with Ambo today. He’s 100% & raring to go.


Disappointed that @Stallion hasn’t posted “NINA” as of yet.

Has somewhat derailed my weekend.



The two contests I was thinking of (which I assume are the same two, as he didn’t lose many), he could have won by jumping at the ball instead of taking his eyes of it and trying to find the man.

It is something that happens a bit with him, and I reckon it’s just a confidence thing.

But as I said, two minor gripes aside, I liked his game today. In fact, I reckon today was our strongest back 6 we’ve had since 2014, and Harts looked right at home in it.


Anyone else noticed that this bloke cant take an overhead mark? Constantly dropping them…

Otherwise, good game by Harts yesterday. Much prefer him than brown.


Good game, for his size i would like him to crash a few packs and get the knees in, let them know he is about.


If Hurley is the standard, then Harts is an elite overhead mark.


Hurls took a game-high 15 marks… Hartley is worse


I disagree. You said overhead mark.


Not overly impressed so far. A fair way to go for mine.


Hes ok, just.


Although it looked great, it’s not always going to work though, is it?
Port has a totally different forward setup to say, Richmond. And that’s only considering the defense side. We also have to match up the offensive part. The key would be flexibility that doesn’t rob too much from one, for the other.


Full contact with the hand?


He took quite a few marks yesterday. Did you watch the game?


Plenty of defensive punches at Willy. I can’t say I paid attention to which fist it was.