#36 Michael Hartley


:hushed: We’re not that close, …


■■■ No I didnt watch the game… Just thought I’d post my fake observations just for you to question if I had watched the game. Insert eye roll here.
FYI - he took a total of 5 marks for the game, and my observation was for overhead marking.


I thought Hartley was improving. We know his defects, and tbh, every one of our tall defenders has knocks on their games. To average conceding 2 goals a game for each tall defender against their direct KPF is about average across the AFL.


He took a few overhead Mark’s actually. I notice comments like these a while ago and I take note in his games he plays and he actually Mark’s quite a few. Heaps more relaxed and calm when he has hooked and Hurley back there though.


You certainly couldn’t get away with h,h,h against Richmond. You might get away with h,h,a but that assumes hooker plays on Jr and maybe ambo goea to caddy. Hurls can play on anyone else.


Woosh said.

Worsfold praised the performance of Hartley, who gathered 14 disposals and led the side for disposal efficiency (92.9 per cent) and one-percenters (eight).

Hartley spent time on a number of opponents, but was particularly good on Power spearhead Charlie Dixon.

“He’s really working hard on his game, he brings a lot of good stuff to our defence,” Worsfold said.

“He’s got a lot of stuff to take himself to become an even stronger defender and he’s working so hard on it, he’s really committed to it.

“He was on a very good opponent tonight and I thought he held his own.”


Which is coachspeak for “he’s got a point of difference from our other defenders, and he’s working hard on getting better, but he has a fair bit to learn yet. But tonight he was handy on a pretty good opponent.”

He’s doing ok, but let’s not get carried away.


Not really carried away with Hartley who always appears to be one bad game away from being dropped and with Hooker down back, he becomes even more marginal given quite a few sides are running 4 ( or even 5) medium/small forwards.


No, I. (like Deckham), am not Woosha.

If you’ve seen the replay and still don’t think he done good,… very good,… then …


If he could mark he’d probably be a CHF.

I can name many Full Backs that can’t mark a ball. Their primary job is to spoil and pick up the scraps.


Yeah. I’m not quite convinced, particularly compared to most blitzers.
He’s not terrible… but he’s not great, either
Constantly gets done in one particular contest. He needs to not do that. Limited range of match-ups (ie he can’t take a Hipwood)

To me, Hooker back eventually pushes Hartley out.
Hurley/Hooker/Ambrose/Gleek is our best, and best balanced backline.


fixed… with the hope of good things to come.


Ability to read the play, work a zone, intercept and contested marking , add Saad and Conor for speed. Wowee, oh lordy.


Ambrose is our best pure stopper. Francis’ role lines up closer to Hurley or Gleeson.


I agree. Removing Ambrose does reduce its defensive strength. But adding Francis improves the groups ability to intercept, and attack. You still have a group of guys you can try on someone who gets away from you.

Perhaps the balance wouldn’t work. But you’ll have to excuse me, as I still have this dream of Aaron Francis having a long and decorated career in the red and black. I’m finding it hard to let go.


He’s got tons of ability, I’m a big fan too. Just don’t reckon last line suits him.


Hurls size with Gleek’s marking & Hooker’s positioning.


Fair enough. I think everything suits him.

I hope we get to see many many games from him so that we can tell one way or the other.


Absolutely agree. Last line is probably one of the most specialised areas on the ground. It takes a certain kind of mentality to survive, let alone thrive, there.


Great spoiler, when confidence is up can take solid marks, huge kick on him that he rarely uses for some reason

Francis is the sort of player you’d put on the mammoth forwards as he’s pretty mammoth himself and Hurley has slimmed down for the Hibberd role