#37 Alwyn (previously known as Dylan Clarke)


As he gets up after his 10th tackle “Welcome to Birmingham”


About time


Sack everyone if he doesn’t debut


I’m so excited.
When was the last time we had a PURE MIDFIELDER debut for the club? (except for guelfi?)
inb4 he is played forwad pocket.







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My boi!!

Give them hell Clarkey


Source? And Ridley too, per the other post by @fogdog ?


Both Ridley and Clarke were told at training today. Lots of hugs and high fives from the boys. Was good to see.


eff yeah


Great to hear. Hopefully it boosts team morale this week.


it takes a complete season catastrophe for this club to start blooding youth. Regardless, happy to hear it.


I hope Clarke actually gets plenty of time at stoppages.
I also hope Langford is in with him and also gets to spend plenty of time there.

Myers should be out and not sure of the other one. Probably Parish on form


Really doubt Myers will be out. Really hope Langford gets an extended run at it regardless.


I doubt it too, but we can only hope.

Knowing our luck it will be because someone like Zerrett or Smith is out injured


I’m with @aboods.

Throw them both in the deep end and see if they swim.


… for the rest of the season


I would throw McKenna in their also.