#37 Alwyn (previously known as Dylan Clarke)


Congrats to Dylan and Jordan. Really excited to see them play in the one’s. Good luck boys - hope it’s a win.


You could say that about half our team…but not in a positive way!




That “getting around the boys” could not have been more fake if they tried. Probably had to go over the top due to the Mutch reaction after the goal


Or they’re genuinely happy cause a certain coach is gone… :thinking::thinking:


I’d say Myers is gone. He’s been cut up by good players outside the contest.

McKenna has spent time in the midfield the last two weeks.




I don’t think he’s got the size to be a wrecking ball. Not yet, anyway. Deserves his run.


When it was announced that Mutch was to debut, the players had to get around Mark Neeld, who then had responsibility to determine if said getting around should be forwarded onto Kobe.


Do you believe in the tooth fairy too?

If anyone can’t tell that was setup, I feel for you


Be as cynical as you like, but I think they’re genuinely happy for their teammates - as they should be.


They would be. No doubt. That probably went on earlier, it’s just easy to tell THAT moment was setup. That’s all.


I think myers really sums up where the club is, and is not.

In reality he’s a committed hard body, who had a few good years when the game suited his strengths a few years back, but doesn’t at all suit the way the game’s headed since; and always had battles getting on the park.

In the club’s eyes, he’s a genuine midfield winner, backbone player and leader, to the extent that dropping him would be a really, really big statement.

Nothing against the dude himself, but geez.



The fact it’s 2018 and we’re looking at him as our best clearance player shows how utterly fkd the midfield is with balance


Clarke reminds me of Jason Johnson. Not for any reason, just does. Anywho.


There’s definitely a likeness*

*there’s definitely no likeness


The dynamic duo.



Absolutely wrapped to have this guy in. It is well deserved and overdue imo.


All the best to Dylan for tomorrow, can’t wait to watch him play.


Best wishes to the lad, well earned debut.