#37 Alwyn (previously known as Dylan Clarke)


Knightmare said this in 2016 when he was rated as a 1st round pick. (20)
It looks like we are seeing a number of these attributes at VFL level, good luck to the kid tommorrow.

Dylan Clarke (VIC)
Best position: Inside midfield
Height, weight: 187cm, 85kg
Recruited from: Eastern Rangers
Plays like: Daniel Cross
Projected draft range: second to third round
Rated last month: 20
Rationale behind ranking/change of ranking: Consistent contested-ball winner with excellent endurance. Has produced a highly productive and consistent season.
Stoppage work
Wins first possession at stoppages
Contested-ball winning
Can get rid of ball when tackled by keeping arms high
Distribution by hand
Clean hands
Work rate
Two-way running
Able to play forward as required
Scoreboard impact
Inconsistent footskills
Lacks an x-factor


From yours truly back in 2016

Bio: Clarke is a contested ball magnet, he works hard all around the ground and his stoppage work is umangst the best in this draft.

Clarke is a smart player he works hard but he also works to smart spots on the ground he just knows where the footy will be both in the contest and in general play. He doesn’t over exert himself he tends to stay in the middle of the ground.

His hands in close are exceptional and can be hard to stop with his big body and his first few steps are quicker than you would think. He makes great decisions in close and you can count on his possession putting teammates in a better spot.

Kicking is his main worry but has gotten better as the year has gone on. Id say his technique in general is fine he just needs to keep working at it. I really like Clarke and i think he would be a bargain late in the 2nd round.


we don’t need xfactor right now so can live with that
acceleration, i think he does alright, not judd explosive but how many are?
agility fair point.

footskills ■■■ has he improved.


good call by you!


I had him rated 19th in that draft. Had Mutch, Begley and Ridley also there abouts in the 20s and early 30s. Safe to say I was very happy with Dodoro that night.


Tough first half but looks decent


Great dish to the Capt for a goal


Nice start to hopefully a long career in the red and black.


Hard to tell on the telly but was he tagging?
Seemed like every stoppage I saw him at he was standing next to Selwood or Dangerfield.

Definitely keep him in for mine


Thought he was pretty poor tbh other than a good give to Heppell early on.

That said, deserves a run of at least 3 games to settle and hopefully play the same game he has been playing in the 2s.


Just keep him in.


It wasn’t a great game no, but you got glimpses of what he has, and what he can bring. Keep him in I would agree.


Should play instead of that crab Myers. In & under hard nut, never gonna be flashy but has lots of upside. Must persist with him.


did they say he was from rowville in the commentary?


Yes. Rowville and Knox falcons were his junior clubs. Mynott is also from Rowville. Mynott’s old man (“Monster”) is a local legend out that way and one of the most outstanding people you’d ever hope to meet.


Not bad. Some decent signs.



what a fine young man he must be!


Looked a bit overawed at times.

Probably needs some time to I adjust to manic speed of inside work


Regardless of output should be given 4 or so games at the level to settle in. First ever game line up on Selwood, danger and Ablett. FK.


Keep him in. Will only improve as he adjusts to the speed of the game. Would have learnt a lot from today.