#37 Alwyn (previously known as Dylan Clarke)


Wish he’d got a few more centre stoppages. Played HFF most of the day.


Of course.


Some good signs that showed an honest and natural footy instinct.


You’d think if McGrath is in than he replaces Clarke, as harsh as the one and done game is. Redman would be a sneaky chance to replace him also. Otherwise I’m happy for us to pump some games into him.


As the season is over, just play him up until the bye. Gives him a good month in the seniors, then a rest.


Nice, I didn’t realise the Rowville connection. I played under Monster at Rowville 15 years ago. Great man, great times


If I’m being honest I just didn’t notice him much, apart from that late play where he tried to hit up an opponent, picked it up again and got tackled and dished off a handball. Not everyone has 30 possession debuts.


i was watching a ■■■■■■ stream but was it me or he looked like he has some decent size?
looks pretty strong in the upper body didn’t stand out as skinny/weak looking in the middle out there


for a first player to perform a hard tag, it’d probably be a generational talent of they got 30 disposals while doing it.


who was he playing on?


wobs boy tim kelly i saw for a bit.


John Blakey’s kid is going to be picked up this year.

Maybe you’ve had a premonition that Clarke is going to run through him like Jason Johnson ran through John in the 2000 Ansett Cup Grand Final.


He was in tight a few times, blocking and taking an opponent from the play. Quick hands a couple of times…not much wrong really, just a bit more would be good. He’ll be good for the run and I hope he gets another crack next week.

He was at Rowville then moved to Knox as the whole team left Rowville after club politics caused some friction. The whole team transferred to another club!!!

Ridley also played at Knox with Clarke but I have no idea when he joined Knox or if he was at Rowville?




I remember that.
Wonder which club gets the AFL kick back?
Rowville would be spewing if it’s not them.


Would’ve loved to see him in the centre a lot more, that’s what he is. He isn’t a forward flanker. Hopefully gets a decent run in the seniors and gets more time in there.


Don’t share these thoughts with Gerard Farking Healy!


Agreed. Got towelled up, but we need to give him the opportunity to prove he belongs at this level. His VFL form warrants an extended senior run.


Happy for him to take a back seat and ease in as the quality around the ball from others today was excellent. Got more of it as it went on. Look forward to seeing him again next week.


Had 68% game time so obviously he didn’t get too much of a hard crack at it. I’ll be honest I didn’t notice him so others’ assessments of him are interesting to read.