#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


I hope that we recognised on the weekend that players that can cover the ground as well as hit targets are far more important than kid protectors


I might be making too much of this but when he gave off the handball to hepp for the goal he appeared to deliberately turn his back to the Geelong player to give hepp an extra bit of space to get the kick away. When you look at the reverse angle hepp takes the ball and looks around almost doing a double take like he can’t believe the space is there.


Will get the lemonade & sars for Myers. Count on it.


He sort of reminds me of Jobe who had an inauspicious debut of 2 handballs in his 1 and only game in 2003. Comparatively speaking, Clarke did really well. For the record Jobe played 7 in 2004 and 5 the following year with 2006 being his breakout year with 21 games!


Listened to that first game on the radio, Tim one of the commentators, tough for him.


Tim Watson took the night off commentating for Jobe’s first game


He was definitely on the team that night, my memory does not betray me.


“Tim Watson could not bear the distraction of calling his son’s first game”, which is why he was filmed sitting in the stands that night next to my dad.



"Essendon has endured an occasionally difficult relationship with the media in recent years for shielding its players behind Kevin Sheedy "

Translation: I hate Ethendon. SWMNBN 2003-2018


She is a disgrace


Tim Watson is an Age columnist and works with Caroline Wilson on Channel Seven’s Talking Footy.

(from the bottom of the article)

I never knew that, just shows how long it’s been since I read THAT paper and have never watched the Talking Footy show.


I would like to see him get another couple of games. Deserves to get a run at it to see what he can do.


If, finally Worsfold relents and looks at more extensive “tagging” Clarke is the one .

As we know he can win the ball in his own right, but in his first few games, being given a role on the top opposition inside mid will definitely pay dividends imo. Theres a player at North Melbourne Ben Jacobs, who plays that role and very very effectively.

It takes time to get a young player going in the midfield at AFL level. I reckon I will spew if Worsfold drops him.


All I can go by is that it was not the way it was presented on the radio, which gave the appearance of Tim being in the booth, incuding just before the game started.


It’s interesting you say that because the talent that I think Clarke has that sets him apart at Essendon is the ability to read the rucks and be at the drop of the ball. That is what I saw on the couple of televised VFL games I have been able to watch. DJR will probably the best judge of that comment.
Anyway to me that makes Clarke an offensive weapon rather than a defensive one. However it does pay to be able to work both ways.


I like him but I also kind of only want him in the senior side if he’s getting decent minutes in the midfield. HFF is not his go - hopefully he spends a bit more time around the contest if we keep him in this week.


If he was still in I reckon he would of killed it in the conditions and the way the game was played.


Haven’t read any VFL report from tonight but unless he is injured he must come in for Zaka. If he doesn’t get the gig before Myers I will probably go all that horrible Terry Wallace bloke on the club…


He could resume his good teamwork with Langford by taking the other HFF position.


Re-signed for one more year. A good move to lock the kid in.