#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


I wonder who decided to make it only 1 year:

Is the club still waiting to see if he’ll make it?

Or is Dyl waiting until he’s established in the team, so he can get more $$ in a future deal?


Both ways it makes sense. We have been critical of signing players for too long before established.


And coaches.


Surprised he re-signed due to the way he’s been treated.



A sensible contract.


How has he been treated?


We will be paying him big $ next year after a great 2019 as an inside mid.


I started watching the replay of the VFL game against Footscray. Clarke appears to have 5 disposals in the first 2 minutes. I am not sure what happened to him after that, but at that rate he would only have 250 disposals in a game. That would be embarrassing for the club. I suppose they moved him off the ball.


Terrible treatment

They would have hurt his feelings right ?

Offended to have come in for one game and then dropped when his rising star best mate was back from injury?

Why would he honestly re-sign with the club that took a risk on him very late in draft when he had clear kicking deficiencies and work with him over a year such that he is now a very strong VFL performer and on fringes of AFL side in only his 2nd year?

Club should be ashamed of themselves


mmmmm fluffy


I think he could be either:

  • a super reliable, Gary O’Donnell type mid,
  • an almost-cemented-a-spot, Nick O’Brien type VFL star.

Time will tell, and probably by end of 2019 we’ll have a better idea of which.


Clarke will be much better than O’Brien.


He hardly got a kick in the Geelong game. He sat on the outside of packs at stoppages all game and did not play the ball. It looked like a poor performance.

Worsfold said. " His debut was a great team performance against Geelong where he played an important midfield role,”

Its pretty clear now that that the role he was given was to play the man, not the ball and tackle any Geelong player that looked like getting out of any pack with the ball.


He looked to play a stoppage negating role trying to contain a danger and co. Which he did well.

They should give him a Brisbane run and allow him to play a normal role and see if he can rack up 30.


They did similar with Langford when he was first getting midfield minutes.

I’m not sure I agree with the approach to be honest.

Clarkes natural instinct is to attack the footy and for a first gamer he should be allowed to play on instinct.


I’d imagine his contract would have triggers of playing say 10 games next year to trigger a second year.


I agree.

The development systems at Essendon are not great they need to change what they are doing. Too many guys don’t progress and end up not playing to their strengths.


Surley he plays in the side now.


Problem is…Worsfold needs to win to save his career.

And we need to play kids to forge our future.


We played the kids against Gee and GWS and won easily.