#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


Pretend your Dylan Clarke and you know how good you are. What would you take?

2 x $130,000
1 x $130,000

His year next year will demand his next contract to be
3 x $250,000+


I wouldn’t be signing on for more than one year if I was him. Development over the rest of this year and next years offseason should see him getting regular game time in which case he will be worth more coin. If he dosen’t develop as we think he will, he will probably get another contract anyway.


1 year is a smart move but clarke, next year if he isn’t getting regular games he can move on or if he is ask for a bigger contract.

He should play all games after the bye, really need to fast track a quality inside mid to see what we have before the end of year trade and draft period.


Just another 38 touches in the VFL. Would really like to see him back in the ones for the rest of the season to get him accustomed to the pace and strength of AFL.


Is he taking into account Myers will be taking his spot for the next two years? Hard to demand $$ when he you’re playing VFL every week


Quadruple double 22 kicks, 16 handballs, 11 marks, 11 tackles. 177 DT points.



Some pretty average kicking at times though.


He was a tad more timid with his kicking yesterday, but didn’t actually miss many targets.


In spite of the “impressive” stats he didn’t make it into the bests. Must have been really poor in other respects , and I guess that’s a clue as to why he can’t make it into the AFL team.


I wouldn’t look too much into the beats

His stats this year in the 2nds at least warrant 3~4 games in the first played in the guts


Mutch is developing as a player that can play well inside and outside. Far more flexible.

Mutch has good vision. Is generally a more skilled user.

I would think at this point Mutch is ahead of Clarke.


Barely ahead, he’s considerably slow but his flexibility provides more chance. They both have limitations. Will be interesting to see who can translates better into a senior player. Similar battle to Langford v Laverde.


There’s no battle between Langford and Laverde anymore. One is miles ahead of the other



It increasingly seems there is some sort of deficiency perceived by the coaching group. In terms of numbers he ticks off the boxes. The few games I have seen him play he seems to read the ball off the ruck really well. The way he has been signed on for one year tells me that club is seeing if he can better his game before really committing to him.


He’s slowish, and not a particularly good user of the ball. Not terrible, but not good.
Two things the seniors have plenty of.
I’m a fair bit less bullish on him than most on here.

People forget how good guys like Howlett, Craig Bird and OBrien were in VFL footy.


Dylan Clarke - winner of the 2018 VFL Brownlow?


He probably wasn’t in the bests because we absolutely walloped them and not everyone could be listed. That said, the stats should be taken with a grain of salt given we played Coburg who are winless (I believe) for the year.


When a player racks up stats like that its a bit ho hum but if they kick a goal, even just 1 goal a game they become a star.
Makes all the difference.


Quoting myself from the most recent game’s thread, narrowed down to Clarke details: