#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


oh well thats fine then :laughing:


Clarkey and Ham were both in-case-of-injury inclusions in the AFL, they both played a half in the VFL earlier in the day.


Thanks Paul. These kids look really good though and i feel like were not giving them enough time against quality AFL opposition. it would be nice to see them play at least a quarter. i dont think thats a stretch. Its not like this would be a Jack Watts style baptism of fire.

Really excited for Dlarke, Ham & Draper :smiley:


Alwyn Clarke playing Coburg. March 2019


Bring Him In


Surprised he hasn’t been given more opportunity.


Clarke in for Myers


Should be in for Myers, he’s had over 10 seasons and he’s not up to it, only at Essendon do we reward mediocrity because someone is a good bloke. I’ve heard he’s like a coach out there, so here’s an idea put him the fkn coaches box. Give this kid a go FFS. Put him in the guts and not a HFF


Myers would be great down on the bench relaying messages.


Alwyn is much cleaner with his disposal than Dylan is


No wonder he can’t kick, holding a football like that.


Can’t fault his endeavour and application but I just can’t see him making the grade. His kicking deficiency in my view is too much of a flaw. Hope im incorrect.

And if gets a game ahead of parish I will be very disappointed.


his Kicking has improved considerably since we drafted him I reckon.

I really like him and hope he gets an opportunity to prove himself.

He will give 100% every time he goes out there.


We’ve got a 100% record when he plays


It has and it’s still a major weakness. It is nowhere near afl standard unfortunately.


Same could be said of others in the side.

He has strengths in other areas.


He should have had time in the jlt
I would give him 5 straight games and see ehat happens


Yeah, its dificult watching somebody like Worpel at the Hawks given games and responsibility in a side that finished top 4 last year. Port loaded up on first gamers last week as well.

I don’t mind that our players do an apprenticeship but for mine they should get at least one game in their first year and then multiple games in their second year. You should have a better idea if they are going to make it by then.


Yep agree.

Was frustrating to read the circle arguments going into last week on who of Lang,Parish, Guelfi and Lav deserves the 22nd spot.

I think that misses the mark, I’d be using the22nd slot as the development slot to rotate kids through. If that’s one less spot for the nearly best 22’s so be it, they have to work harder.


How old do you think Lang / Parish / Guelfi / Lav are.

The very argument is the process of rotating the kids through the 22nd slot.