#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke

You’d want to take out injury time from those numbers, surely?

hahaha…I just realised, WOB, that you are now older than those you’re calling Dad’s Army :slight_smile:

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Couldn’t be farked to be honest

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Fairy Snuff, too.

If the AFL had database that include all that stuff it would make it easier.

We all know who’s been injured significantly.



Laverde in my opinion has been given lots of opportunities.

The only time he plays VFL is when he comes back from injury.

I hope he starts to show a bit more this year.

done with this guy.
trade or delist

Which guy?

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This is how you choose to break up with someone.

Donnington pls.


I get the hassle, but from memory, and I could be wrong Ridley missed a few games in his first season, and again a patch when he lost his spot in the Firsts last year

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Yeah, he’s probably missed a handful but no more than other young players.

I personally think we have a history of not playing kids and under Woosha it has been particularly bad.

Wasn’t Ridley one of a few given a few weeks “off” late last year to do a mini-pre-season buildup?

LAV has spent more time injured than VFLing.


I think our record of playing kids is not as bad as perceived.
Merrett McGrath Walla stand outs
Fanta & Conor as soon as fit / put on a bit of muscle/ learnt the game
Parish Langford and Laverde to only a slightly lesser extent have been dropped ( or sent to work on specific things) but when fit have played a lot of firsts.
Francis when fit, in both senses, has been selected.
I’ll leave Zerk & Draper as developing talls who are only now at the stage where a decent (not desperate) side would start playing them.
If Ridley plays most games this year he’s in the same boat development & expectations wise.
Redman is interesting- his repeat injuries, and his need to improve endurance & muscle have held him back. But a player in this situation who comes good at this stage is pretty common - Hawthorn Collingwood and the Eagles seem to have one pop up a year, like a conveyor belt of good 21 / 22 year olds who no one else saw coming.

It actually leaves Alwyn and Mutch as the exceptions.
To get it back on thread, there’s no doubt Alwyn has worked on his deficiencies- the question is, are his positive attributes enough to warrant a few continuous games in the Firsts?
Having seen him a bit in the Ressies, I’m not so sure - his contested work and distribution/ vision is good but not elite. He’s not even dominating Twos games like Hocking and Howlett did when dropped. Mynott seems to have more tricks and upside.
Haven’t given up on him, but not a great exemplar for our supposed failure to play the kids.

Whoops forgot Fridge- started all the games last year in his second season until injured

I’m not sure about that.
You’re probably like me and couldn’t be ■■■■■■ looking it up.


Spot on :joy:

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Ridley only played 11 games in his first season

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It would be real nice if Dylan had his thread named after him properly.

I agree.

Yeah, but all the players call him by his middle name Alwyn due to the arrival of Dylan and Clarke, so I’m ok with it.