#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


Tell Shiel and Zac to nick off, then.


Fair enough.
My OCD is kicking in.


Guy like this must be so pi**ed off at the club.

Get 30 touches in 2s every week, and then see so many Pea hearts keep getting games ahead of you.


Surely gets a run by now…

and Mynott


I cant let this situation slip.

We all know Alwyn and Drapes have a good understanding at centre bounces and stoppages.

So here is a real test. Lets see how Alwyn goes when Drapes is out and he has to play inside mid against a dominant opposing brute of a ruckman. Preuss. Lets see how he goes in a serious loss.

Dylan Clarke Stats: 30 disposals, seven marks, four tackles, 8 clearances. From the coach: Dylan was really strong inside, and was really intent around the contest and also in getting out and spreading. He had eight clearances for the game which is a good effort for our mids, given we probably lost some ruck depth. His disposals were a good mix of kick-to-handball, and he’s probably our most solid on-baller.

I see he is really trying to develop his game by spreading this week, the last couple of weeks moving forward and kicking for goal. Game high disposals for a mid. Not bad.

He is a really hard competitor, he is workmanlike but he is not in favour at AFL level. He is giving it all he has got and wins the contested ball. We really need to give him a go at the higher level. If we don’t get into the 8 , he might get a run towards the end of the season I suppose.


You would think he should come in for Smith . But probably won’t . Surely we now give him a 5 week stint .


Yeah I really hope we give him an extended run in the seniors now.
Honestly its time to say goodbye to myers and Bring in some fresh faces.
If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.


We can only pray


Myers will play his best game for the club this week

Followed by his usual crap games for the rest of the season. just enough to keep him in the 22


don’t stop i’m almost there


WTF . Surely this was the week to bring in the bloke the VFL coach acknowledges as their best midfielder .An inside mid who has rounded out his game with more outside time and the odd goal ? DJR and other VFL watchers . Comments please .


its very strange. 5 changes and hes not one of them? would have thought he would be ahead of all the other inclusions besides JOE.


John has a policy of rotating lots of player through the midfield. That policy means every player that rotates through the midfield has to have an alternate position on the field. For Langford and Smith its easy, they already function well as forwards. For Darcy and Clarke its not so simple, they are the midiest of midfielders. They have been trying to get Darcy to play as a forward with small stints in the midfield which is not working well and with Clarke its the same story. Myers is probably out because he cannot play any other position and is out of form.

Right now, John seems self satisfied, in that the midfield is performing well against other teams and is positive in clearance differential. This can be seen by John as a vindication of his strategy.
So when Smith goes out a midfield-forward comes in: Langford.

Unfortunately none of this helps Clarke get a game right now. At least not until he works on playing another position/role at an acceptable level.


This makes a lot of sense as to why. but good gravy, this kid is banging to door down, why even have him on the list at all if youre not going to select him when hes in the VFLs bests every week?


Thanks chris_64 . Understandable , but not sure I agree with Woosha . With the wheels falling off this season ,good time to see how he goes as a senior inside mid . Does he get much time elsewhere in the VFL ?


How has Myers got any games this year, then?!?


So , do you reckon he is worth a crack in the seniors ? For a few games to have a proper run at it ?



He’s not a fwd, which all of JD, Bags & Begley are coming in for.

He’s not an outside winger type of which Ham is dropping out as, McKenna who has been playing more and more wing perhaps permanent role now and McNeice to defence

So last spot Myers out and decision made … have Parish play more inside which suits him & Langford mid/fwd which also is his best role.

The net result of Parish/Lang seen as more likely to be productive than Clarke/Parish

Clarke’s position in pecking order is still well back


I hate that he would do that.

You have to design the way you play around your personnel, not try and pigeon hole them into a game style that exploits their weaknesses and constrains their strengths.

If your two best clearance mids are not great forward then they need to do more kid time and bench rather than rotate forward.


We’re a side that’s finding plenty of the ball but butchering it going forward.

He’s the last thing we need.