#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


Maybe stack gets the nom when they win.


Has to be our man. Surely. He made the competitions best player look like a potato to go along with 10 tackles. Shouldn’t be a discussion. Omeara will be a tougher test, a lot more leg speed and spread


Based on that game alone I’d have to give it to Clark considering who he played on plus the 10 tackles

I do understand though that they’d wanna see more then one good game.

Outstanding game regardless


The kid laid more tackles today than he had disposals in his first match…


Played a ripper game!
Myers is cooked now surely!


This is why BLITZ has been calling on WOOSHA to play the kids, they offer far more than the blokes that were playing.

There’s a few more good kids to come in too.

Oh, and this is why BLITZ was calling in WOOSHA to play a Tagger too.

This coaching game is easy…


What would you know? You never hear anything…


I haven’t scene the have yet but am obviously pretty excited by this performance.

I wanna know when his game tape is going to land @CharlieDons ?


Stoked with his performance. Hopefully he can play like that consistently.

Surely he gets the job on O’Meara


We should all get a say on team selection and tactics before each game. And also during.



I didn’t realize that O’meara was playing VFL after the bye.


a run with role yes, but going by worsfolds words,he wasn’t asked to tag him, just apply pressure to him when he got it.

also i’d say there was a 5 min patch in the first term when he was on the bench and cripps got about 5 possies, langford and i think zaka where manning him at the time.

i know it’s a team thing now, but in reality clarke kept cripps to about 7 disposals while he was actually marking him


Needs to be dropped. I wasn’t impressed with his 5th, 6th and 7th efforts in each contest.


Dylan “Carlton Coach Killer” Clarke.


Was particularly satisfying seeing Clarke manically attack the player and ball. He was a man possessed, and those lightening handballs in heavy, heavy traffic was amazing. Used the ball well too. If he maintains the intensity, he’s not going anywhere.


The text that sparked second-game Bomber’s blanketing job on Cripps - http://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-06-03/the-text-that-sparked-secondgame-bombers-blanketing-job-on-cripps

DYLAN Clarke’s phone lit up with a text message on Friday night from Essendon assistant coach James Kelly.

“Do you want to start on Cripps this week?”

Clarke, who was back in the Bombers line-up for the first time in more than a year and for only his second AFL game, was up for the challenge.

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“I said ‘Absolutely, I’d love it’,” Clarke told AFL.com.au after Essendon’s 41-point win over Carlton on Sunday.

The 20 year old was a big part of the result. Playing on Carlton co-captain and midfield gun Patrick Cripps, Clarke held the Brownlow Medal fancy to just 11 disposals.

Cripps had no influence on the game in what was his lowest possession tally since late in 2017, while Clarke gathered 23 disposals and laid 10 tackles in a tight-checking role that saw him also have an influence with the ball.

Clarke says he wasn’t daunted by the task, having received help from an injured teammate to prepare for Cripps.

“Jake Stringer helped me a fair bit on Saturday with how to use my body. He’s usually on the opposition’s best midfielders at the centre bounces, so he spoke to me about where to hit and when to hold space,” he said.

"I got a lot of help from the boys in terms of giving him a whack every time he runs past. Kyle Langford was really good at that. I watched some vision throughout the week of some other players who had done well.

“You have to go out with a level of confidence that you’re at a level where you can match it with anyone. That’s what our team brings and on an individual level that’s what I wanted to bring as well.”

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Clarke has had to earn his opportunity at senior level.

Last week’s hamstring injuries to Dylan Shiel and Stringer opened spots for him, and with strong form at VFL level under his belt, Clarke was given his chance by coach John Worsfold.

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Clarke, whose older brother Ryan was traded from North Melbourne to Sydney last year, admits there had been some frustration at not getting selected until the round 11 clash but that feedback had been consistent.

“‘Woosha’ is pretty good in terms of just being honest. Obviously, we’ve got a good core of midfielders in the senior team but he said ‘If something happens at least you’re not coming in in a rush, you’ve got the form and we’re happy to pick you’,” Clarke said.

"‘Shiely’ and ‘String’ did their hamstrings and I was coming off a few good weeks so got picked.

“I only got the one game last year so I definitely want to build on that and play in this team as long as I can.”

Worsfold said Clarke had been developed in the ‘run-with’ role at VFL level, and has also been tagged himself there.

“Dyl’s role was specifically at stoppages to be tight on Cripps, make it hard for him and affect his disposal if you can,” he said.

"We know Cripps is maybe the best in the competition at [getting] the first possession and clearances, and maybe the [wet] conditions helped a little bit.

“But Dyl did everything we asked him to do and didn’t get too bogged down on chasing him, he still played his role for us.”

#25 Jake Stringer

Dylan Clarke might have ended a coaching career at Carlton.


Lets not do a Essendon and get carried away with a youngster after 1 game.

Clarke was very good but clearly Cripps isn’t right.

Hopefully he continues to impress


Cripps isn’t right because Clarke took him to the cleaners.