#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


But also I solved the riddle further up



Pretty sure he could still be a 4 & 2.


How good was it when he straight bullied setterfield away from the ball and got the quick dish out to parish, who rocketed it to guelfi who over the shouldered to hepp and away we went.


No! Could also be:

10 = 5+5
6 = 4+2
4 = 4+0 or 3+1
4 = 3+1 or 4+0
3 = 3+0
2 = 2+0
1 = 1+0

EDIT: it’s possible you’ve already been informed.




Indeed. Next goal is spelling!


I wouldn’t call him a Kent.


I could call him Kent Clarke. :smirk:

He’s got a bit of Kent about him, … but he’s our Kent.

Something Blitz has been calling for in our players for a Decade.


Shades of mark mcgough


You only have to watch the first nine seconds of the game to see he was tagging Cripps.


baby steps


That’s the joke…


Stack has got the rising star nom for this week.


stacks been robbed plenty of weeks.


You got it right.

N.e.x.t. g.o.a.l. i.s.


How the fark did he not get a rising star nom? Had a best on ground performance… Fark Stack, hes overrated


What a fkn joke.

I don’t give a fk about body of work, whoever has the best performance for the round gets the nom.

What fkwit changed the criteria?


They dont often give a nomination after one good game which is fair enough. Hopefully he has a solid few weeks and gets one.

He gets a much higher honour than that pissy award. The honour and gratification as a second gamer. Destroying Carlton best player so bad that Carlton felt they had no option but to sack the coach.


Need a thread name change. Something to do with farking Carlton and ending coaches please.


How about just Dylan Clarke AKA CK. (Coach / Carlton / Cripps Killer )