#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


I’m not naming any thread per a @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS nickname.


Good idea.

Don’t want to do anything to lift the calibre and lose the lowbrow feel of the joint.


I think it would be a good time for a BSD nickname for a player


I was inferring you were Walls as he couldn’t stop talking about the fluro boots at the time. :slight_smile:


Dylan “Coach Killa” Clarke


Killin’ Clarke?

I’ll let myself out…


@SMJ he’s done it again


Ha. Um, nah. Kill me now. Can’t stand that bloke.


:boom: :tada:

It’s a ripper eh.


Apparently Heppell & Shiel still have a question mark on his kicking


Was great* to see pre game hype about Cripps being a massive unit and unstoppable inside mid beast.

CLARKE lines up next to him and they aren’t much different.

Proceeds to destroy him over next 100 minutes.

Legendary status.




how about this one?

Dylan Clarke, DC, Distribution center, logistics, sounds a bit like logitech. couple that with the fact he seems like a quiet sort of guy, i dub him…



He’s just trolling us at this point @Preliminary_Point2


Mickey is a mouse, Mickey’s best friend is Daffy Duck, ducks eat bread…

Dylan ‘Sourdough’ Clarke


I feel sorry for this poor kid. That is going to be a really hard game to back up. Really excited to see him try though.


Yep. If he does not play in the guts at stoppages, he will not perform as well. Its like Darcy . They are pure mids and need midfield time to excel. But They are not really compatible with Worsfolds philosophy of large scale rotation in the midfield.


worsforlds philosophy of being a terrible coach who doesnt win games or provide structure isnt compatible with any of us fans SO THERE


Thats been his philosophy so far, but it might change. Might, to a greater or lesser degree.
For instance, both Heppel and Shiel get more inside midfield minutes than any other players. Stringer has gone to more centre bounces than other players, but doesn’t tend to do other stoppages.


Imagine if the Fark Carlton match turns out to be his worst game for the year. :slight_smile: