#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


Think they have the balls? Wouldn’t be against it


Nope I don’t think they do at all

I just think Shiel gives us an upgrade on Zaka, they both like to run and carry, burst from a contest etc Shiel is much better at it


“Put your ■■■■ away Louie” CK


The simple solution to the selection dilemma referred to is to use Langford more as a forward wbere he is playing well. Langfords midfield time could be reduced Zerret could spend more time on the outside. He is tending to cop a lot of attention on the inside , we need to look after him by spreading the load.
However, its early days. Lets see whether Clarke can back it up with strong performances over the next few weeks. Then we will know what adjustments need to be made to fit him into the midfield.


Phone pinging.

Dylan checks his messages.

‘So, do you want to start on Jaeger this week? - Woosha’.

Dylan replies:

‘Sure, coach, whatever. Happy to take Jaeger, but wouldn’t mind a crack at either Burgoyne or Shiels’.


‘Alright, don’t jump the gun, son. I am still getting my head around the whole idea of tagging players. Let me consider which option will provide you with the greater learnings. I’ll text you again shortly and run a few names by you for your approval’.


Who go out, though?

If Stringer and Fantasia do return, Francis, Baguley/Begley, and McNiece out would allow Clarke to stay in the side when Shiel returns.

Can’t see any other getting dropped.


You see?
You are effectual after all.


sorry Ivan… dealing with a death in the family.


Sorry to hear that and my condolences.


Just listened to his interview after the game. Reminded me of Vicky Pollard from Little Britain when he spoke lol




Has somebody beaten me to this @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS ?

Between having the initials DC, the surname Clarke and being Cripps Cripptonite and probably looking good in a superman suit …

Perhaps we should just call him Clarke the Kent sorry @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS


And ducks float.

Dylan “The Witch” Clarke.




Dylan "Dropped back to vfl after 1 game’ Clarke, for mine.


Dylan Clarke


What the hell? Are you serious?
I am a big fan of this kid and I think he was the by far the best player against Carlton.
Should definitely be rewarded for his efforts and hard work.
Noone else could have kept Cripps to 11 disposals, I admire his discipline and love what he did.


That one’s mine, ■■■■ off.


But how do we fit Myersy back in?


Welcome to Blitz.
Believe nothing.


I figured that