#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


I don’t reckon we need to
I think having him in the vfl will help with the younger midfielders


Barnz and Blitzers use a lot of sarcastica font almost all the time. Welcome to Blitz!






these vids are one of the highlights of my week


That was amazing.


There’s an ongoing joke in this place that we don’t give kids a decent run, even if they perform.


one of their other videos got me listening to Never ever by all saints, now im listening to dido.


Rocky v the dees is awesome. Hadn’t seen this before. Freo is pretty funny too


Sorry @Deckham, I thought it was BSD’s.


He turned Cripps into a newt.


Easy mistake to make… some people think we’re the same person…


To be clear here @SCarey , … Clarke Kent (Superman) is Deks’s, “Kent” (as in the Blitz proverbial sense) Clarke is mine, & I would say for all extents and purposes, Clarke “The” Kent is really actually yours, … :thinking:

Although I’m not sure if DJR actually claims copywrite to the use of “The”. lol :smirk:


Dylan (CRIPPA) Clarke. That way we will always remember the day he took Cripps to the cleaners.


I hope this doesn’t turn into that time Tayte Pears beat Fev.


So he’s a Kent now is he?

Yeah ok I’ll claim him as one of mine. We can be brothers!


An insider joke, man. I’ll give you a sympathy like. :grin:



Was electric


Should get Mr Miaggi in to coach.


Clarke is an Anglo-Irish surname which means “clerk”. The surname is of English and Irish origin but the original word comes from Latin for clericus.

Etymology. Borrowed from Ancient Greek κληρικός (klērikós, “(adj. in church jargon) of the clergy”), from κλῆρος (klêros, “the clergy, what is allotted, a lot, inheritance, originally a shard used in casting lots”).

Dylan “The clergy” Clarke