#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


Should have just gone with the gestalt creature Dylan “The Parish” Clarke.

Ah fark, stop encouraging them…


Would have been nice to see him in the team earlier. Lets see how he backs it up against the Hawks.


Given he spent the game either on the ball or on the bench to achieve the influence he did against Carlton, it majorly depends on the “role” Woosha gives him against Hawthorn.


WHO TF game Nic Newman a vote? Unless Woosha thought he played for us?


also, who is Nic Newman?


The annoying neighbour in Seinfeld I think??


I always had faith he could contribute at this level.

Just a very good honest footballer.


i really, really hope all this hype doesn’t lead to a monster let down against the vultures next week.


Obviosly this type of performance can’t be expected every week so early in his career but this kid will leave no stone left unturned.

We will get 100% every week from him and that should at least free up the other players around him to do what they do best.

He’s the workhorse that we needed now that Smith is injured.


It feels a bit like the hype when Damian Peverill started. Happy if he turns out to be Pev 2.0.



Cos he opposes Crips.


Not as good looking, obvs


The Crippler


To any who doubted Clarke’s impact on our game, look at Cripps’ game today (and no, he wasn’t injured as some wanted to claim).


Going to make it hard for Woosha to drop him now.


The Bears must regret taking McCluggage instead of Clarke.



Pidge > Clarke > The Luggage.

We nailed that draft. All the Luggage Lovers can pack it up.


Nope. Clarke’s effort last week makes it hard for Woosha to drop him. Today merely confirms it.


6 coaches votes? This bloke was robbed. Should have been 10.


Clarke’s performance is one that all supporters get behind.

Think that our coaches are favouring old stagers and not giving the kids a fair go? Complain that it’s about time he got a game.

Think that our coaches have never put a foot wrong? Praise them for perfectly developing Clarke before giving promoting him to the seniors.