#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


Cripps made a bi mistake last week. He setup too far off the ball up. TBell was winning hitouts to advantage, but even if he didn’t win the contest, he prevented Kreuzer from tapping the ball much distance at all. Cripps had been held up just enough by Clarke to prevent him from getting to the contest before Darcy got to the ball. Instead of engaging Cripps before the ball was bounced, Clarke only engaged when Cripps started moving. Cripps had little opportunity to wrestle with Clarke and push him away. Basically Cripps could not even get into the contest most of the time until it was too late. Others had already got the ball. but by that time Clarke was also blocking the path between the ball carrier and Cripps in many cases
Don’t underestimate the ruck performance of TBell and the inside craft of Darcy as a factor in denying the ball to Cripps.

It will be fascinating to see what role they give Clarke and how our midfield goes against the Hawks. Only 6 sleeps to go.


To clarify, are you implying that Dylan was only ‘ready’ to play seniors last week & that we should be lauding the coaches for impeccable selection timing? Legit question.


Curiosity got the better of him, eh?


ps - I reckon I’m farkin hilarious and also slightly drunk.


Lucky Dylan got Cripps when he was injured last week, because he tore the Lions a new one today.


Controversial. Belongs in the Hot Takes thread.


Cripps still can’t shake the Clarke tag.


Correct. Getting your hands free and dishing off to a team mate when strongly tackled is a much under rated skill. Dangerfield is unbelievably good at it. Kennedy (Syd) also very good. You think you have them, and at least have forced a stoppage, and still they get it off.
Clarke seems to have that ability.


Correct, this is the exact issue with Myers. He can’t get his hands free and get the handball off under AFL level intensity this season.


As does Heppell, who is excellent at it - possibly the best on our list.


Some funny internet memes.



(Not so) Funny how luck or timing can shape a players career. If Essendon played Carlton weekend gone the result would likely be different and Clarke probably would’ve been taken to the cleaners by Cripps, potentially stalling his opportunities for more senior games. Instead…


That’s on the assumption that Clarke had literally zero influence on Cripps’ game last week


Which is an addumption.


Which you can shove up your add


So how long does he stay in the team?

If Woosha has any idea it will be for the rest of the year - but… you know… what does everyone else expect?


Yeah right “injured”. Only his ego.



I’m a bit slow. Haven’t had time to catch up on all the usual various Blitz mix of celebration, irony and sarcasm in any particular thread.


Notice that redman is good at this too