#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke



What a load of bullocks. Clarke stopped Cripps dead, had nothing to do with when we played them.


Cripps after the Brisbane game:

" no disrespect to some of the the players I played on these last weeks, they got the better of me…"

Apparently Cripps found that being tagged each week is “tiring”. Interesting. I seem to recall that Clarke was tagged and repetitively scragged in the VFL Dreamtime game the week before, and still managed to be rated our best player!
with 31 disposals, 4 marks ( 1 contested) 6 tackles.


Sure but he wasn’t carrying 21 other players on his shoulders while being tagged.


Woosh came out today and said that Clarke is no certainty this week against the Hawks. IMO you just have to reward the kid after playing so well. He’ll end up with a brownlow vote.


Sit tight, we will be in a good place & Clarkey will play


You’re not comparing VFL to AFL are you?


In the sense that our VFL 21 (+1 twenty-third man) are less likely to be useless losers than the 21 Fark Carlton seniors, hell yeah.


Can’t wait for Woosha to drop Clarke and then JOM to put us to the sword with 40 possesions and 5 goals.


You can’t wait for that? Good on you.


You don’t do tongue in cheek?


Depends on the money $$$$


Don’t get the emphasis on tagging O’Meara - many of his possessions don’t have a lot of hurt value. (Ask Franga to deal with him)

Better to lockdown on Shiels - he’s more of an inside & clearance player and uses the ball well.
Last game against Brisbane the possessions bore this out - O’Meara kept racking them up, but Shiels, after starting very well, was kept very quiet in the 2nd & 3rd quarters when the Bears ran over the top of them.

Worpel can do whatever a Worpel does.


Myersy come on down


It might just be that we don’t need a tagger for this game then. Like Woosha said, Clarke is good at winning his own ball. Might be good for him to just play an inside role this week.


In round 6 Carlton were beaten by Hawthorn by 5 points.
In that game O’Meara racked up 42 disposals, 23 contested, a goal and 6 inside 50s. 14 disposals more than Cripps, who had no inside 50s. O’Meara was not tagged, although they had Ed Curnow, who can play that role.

If he is selected, Clarke could be moved onto O’Meara. That option would exist if Clarke plays.


You cannot drop a kid after doing the role he did. You have to reward a guy for beating the inform mid in the competition, and if he backs it up with another solid job you keep rewarding him.


Why would he say such a demoralising thing after the game Clarke had? There has to be a spot for him in the 22, surely.


O’Meara ran at 60% effective disposal in that game.
Shiels ran at 80% for just 3 less effective disposals plus 3 goals.
I suppose what I’m saying is that O’Meara is good, but not that good - and obviously better when Shiels is up and about. In the absence of Mitchell, Shiels is the midfield barometer, and a better match up for Clarke as a more inside player.


lol when you go to every VFL game then maybe you might get to have a valid point, until then you are tilting at windmills.