#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


He secured his role for the next 5 games in my opinion.

What’s the point of making a kid works his but off and finally breakthrough just to be dropped again.

Even if he was terrible he deserved a couple of games but in this case he exceeded all expectations.


Shiels generally does the tagging, doesn’t he?


That’s my impression also.


Just a meat and potatoes player IMO.


Woosha would say that about every player in the team, just to give the media nothin’. I reckon if someone asked if there’s a match up for Hooker he’d go “we will weigh up our options and consider who we feel best will perform a role for the team”.


they don’t do it often these days and he wasn’t the man last year when they did, preferring Daniel Howe. Haven’t seen much of them this year but if anyone went to Lachie Neale 2 weeks ago they did a shithouse job of it.




Shiels is more likely to tag Clarke than O’Meara


Backed up last weeks game with another good one.


Gave him a vote today. Got plenty of it whilst doing a number on his opponent. Love the way he goes about it


He is 3-0 In his AFL career.

Didn’t look out of place at all backing up after last weeks mammoth effort.


It’s like Omeara wasn’t even there.


He wasn’t on JOM all game, he kept swapping throughout the game. Whoever he went to went quiet for that period.


Best 22


Blanketed his multiple opponents and although nowhere near as offensively damaging as last week, he still picked up a cool 23 pozzies himself. Some of his handballs in close to players streaming out of the middle or contests were sublime. And missed. Unheralded, but very important to our structure now.


Dylan must play every game for the rest of the season. 2 scalps in 2 weeks. 23 disposals, 12 contested at 83% efficiency. He did a job on Omeara at the same time.


It’s still a little baffling he wasn’t given a go earlier


Like that he is playing within his limitations.
He is curbing his direct opponent which is great but when he gets the footy he is at peace with the fact that he is a very ordinary kick so he handballs to a teammate more often than not.

I reckon for his career to have longevity he does need to find a way to become a semi decent kick but for now this approach will do.


Goes alright


Kicked fine tonight…