#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


Even today when we have full on team defence structures, every team in the comp has a specific player who is skilled in tagging, while we might t persist with “playing the way we want to play” aka not tagging, sometimes a player needs to be shut down. We are not yet good enough to ignore players like Kennedy, who eviscerate us.


Isaac Who ?



Sorry - had to.


In the 2005/2006 West Coast sides, did they have a tagger? I’m just wondering if Woosha has ever used one


don’t see it with this guy. hope to be proven wrong.


Rowan Jones and Tyson Stenglein would sometimes perform defensive midfielder roles.


Same, I see it with Mutch is spades but not him. He was is worth a go as a late pick though. hope I am wrong.


How much actual time did he spend in the 2s as an inside mid this year? Whenever i saw a game he was half forward (and very average at it)


Those guys usually tagged plus Adam Selwood, Chick, Braun, Banfield and Embley, often had run with roles.


Has woosha ever had a tagger? Even back at west coast?


Must have been watching a different Clarke, sure his kicking wasn’t great when forward but his tackling pressure and ability to work hard to provide and outlet made him influential in quite a few games. A lot of his good work went unnoticed and he has been a part of many goal chains






Yes, he almost always lined up on a HFF, but he certainly never played the stereotypical HFF role. He’s stronger in packs and in the air than his frame would suggest.

IMO, he is irrelevant till his kicking is “fixed”.

But if they can do that…


If he makes it, it will be through sheer force of will, not elite natural talent. Thing is, he got drafted for his attitude and workrate. I’m not going to write him off.


From the limited viewing ive had he seems to have a bit of mongrel about him. Happily flies the flag for his teammates


I was thinking the other day about the potential shape of our side over the next couple of years, and I came to the conclusion that Clarke might have a bigger impact (edit note: one word autocorrect changes everything) than I might have expected, and sooner. We’re turning over a lot of inside mids this year, and potentially more over the next couple of years. Clarke is apparently very committed and a great trainer and really looking to improve. And he’s able to find the ball inside the contest.

Wouldn’t surprise if he and Mutch are extra midfield rotations by the second half of next year. They both seem like they’d be the type of nondescript 5th-8th midfielder that teams like Adelaide and Sydney cultivate for 4 years before other team’s supporters realise that they’re good .




I think the plan was obvious? Play him there to teach him how to kick and play in space?


Speaking of his kicking, has there been an improvement over the season?