#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


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I raise you Mitch Brown


Reminds me of Clint Jones


Jackson Merrett


Dylan Van Unen


Today’s football is all about precision footwork. Turnovers are so damaging that clubs are reluctant to use players who are not elite by foot. Regardless of his stats, I cannot see his promotion unless he greatly increases his kicking skills.


If he could kick the ball well, he’s probably a top 10 draft pick. So I agree that he was worth rolling the dice with on a late pick. But if he doesn’t improve the quality of his disposal, then he shouldn’t be getting a game.

It’s also his handballing that needs work. His ball use out of congestion, whether by hand or foot, needs to improve significantly. There’s too much hacking the ball forward when he takes possssion under heat (like Myers), and the modern game is so much about working out of these situations by sharing the ball around with quick hands.

I reckon his attack on the ball is as good as anyone’s on our list, and we are short of players who have a fanatical approach to winning the footy. If he becomes AFL standard, he could be a very important player for us.


I like the look of Clarke. I think he may make it.


I saw him a bit as a junior, u14’s, 15’s, 17’s…he was a ball getting beast and unstoppable. His delivery wasn’t such an issue then but of course underage footy was also a bit more haphazard.

I really hope he gets there as he has a lot to offer.


He might have matured early physically, thus had an edge against slower maturing guys at those levels and is now being found out at mature age level.

Letshope he makes it.


I see him as more a see ball get ball type player. Not necessarily more physically developed, rather more determined. We need those sorts of players. Much as I love Zaka for example, he could never be accused of being a see ball get ball player, he is a receiver. You need class on the outside, no question, which is what Zaka delivers, but you need players that want and get the ball out to them. I think Clarke will be one of those for us.


I saw quite a bit of him in his underage year in the TAC cup and he impressed me as an intercept marking hb who could set up play and run with the ball. That’s not a job you give to someone whose kicking is irredeemable.


This thread is unbelievable.

At the end of the season he’d just had a very solid season in the VFL. His progress from being a late draft pick was very good, and he polled well in the BnF.

He starts the of season well, with good performances in the time trial etc.

Then it’s Christmas and we have little to talk about, and we come back after Christmas and he’s “being found out against men”.

He’s a first year late draft pick who we found it can play against men at VFL level. He’s dedicated and a hard worker (have you all forgotten the coaches’ high praise of him earlier in the pre season?). His kicking was always his issue, but it wasn’t diabolical in the VFL. It was improving, although never pretty.

This place is crazy sometimes, and this thread is insane. There has literally been nothing to talk about that it’s related to this thread because Clarke is a 19yo who is working hard at his game, playing in a position where you wouldn’t expect a late draft pick to be demanding too much senior footy for a couple of years.

So the thread decides we may as well delist him tomorrow. For no reason at all.


Well said frosty.




I cant wait for the footy. It will give us something positive to talk about.


Is ok overhead. Thats a positive.


Langers looks massive in that photo :heart_eyes:


Have you heard Aaron Francis is completely cooked? Doesn’t have the attributes. Sad.


settle yourself KM :slight_smile: