#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


His kicking issues were well known in his draft year and he just finished third in the vfl b&f in his first year, playing a mostly unfamiliar role. How exactly has he been found out?

EDIT: Frosty said it better


Cds, my statement stands. The fact is, an AA underage player, who was at one point in his TAC Cup year touted as a top 10 draft pick, with an AFL ready body and elite endurance has yet to play AFL in spite of our plain to see and continuing weakness in the exact role he was known for: “clearance beast.”


Yep. If the VFL coach and our coaches gave him a shot in the guts it would help


I have no opinion. I find this concerning.


I thought it was fairly common practice in modern footy to try and round out a young players skill set, make him accountable and adaptable in different positions. He knows how to get the footy. Not sure who he would’ve displaced last year. Had a very good year in the vfl. And, correct me if I’m wrong, it was his FIRST YEAR


Pffftt… logic.

No place for that here!


I hope Clarke gets a game in the AFL this year and does really well.


Play him!! I don’t care about his kicking he does what most of our mids don’t and goes hard all day.

He can hamdball all day for all i care we need contest to contest hard ■■■■■.


When all our mids with good disposal do is kick blindly around the body in a general direction towards our goals…

Well you’d think Dyl would be able to manage that, wouldn’t you?


Ever since I first saw him play for us in a 2017 preseason game…

…I’ve been ready to delist him.

Not quick, and a weak kick.

Watched Mynott play in the VFL this weekend and I’m already more enthused about him.


When’s Mutch ready?


This past weekend, Clarke >> Mynott. Wasn’t shy about kicking and was surprisingly cromulent at it.

Mutch is looking to play next week in VFL round 1.


Another great game by Clarke yesterday.

Repeat efforts, tackles, clearances and can run all day. Is really developing well.

Looks like his kicking has improved as well because he’s far more confident to use it which will make his game far less predictable.

It’s around stoppages though that he’s at his best. Great hands in close and really good decisions. A lot to like about him.

The permanent move into midfield should really see Clarke develop into a more than useful footballer.


I reckon 186cm/85kg might be big-bodied enough. ‘Cause he’s a honey badger when he’s after that ball in close.


The issue that Clarke and Mutch have, is that there needs to be some injuries to key midfielders if they are going to get their chance.

They’re pure midfielders. Both of them will be overlooked for players who can play in defence or Forward. As the coach will be more likely to move Tippa, Fantasia or Begley into the midfield, then replace them Merrett, Long, Laverde… who will play in the forwardline.


I’m fully on board, debut this man NOW


That’s enough for me, I’m completely lid off.

About the word “cromulent”.


Is it gonna be Clarke v Langford, or can we get the two of them in there?


Blitz will like the “intensity” of Clarke. That’s all that matters, right?

Seriously, Langford has more tricks outside a pack and is a better forward (though Clarke is a decent mark). On the other hand, Clarke has only just started getting full-time work on ball, having previously been largely HFF, so he has marked scope for improvement.


He does ‘look like’ an inside mid, that’s a huge start.

I’ve always liked what little I’ve seen if him, glad to hear the kicking is on the improve.