#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


what a novel idea to actually have pure midfielders play in the midfield.

suppose they could always rest on the HBF lol


I remember a certain Essendon legend who was very very partial to a hand ball and not kick…there a bloke running around for th e dawks that loves a handball in his 50 plus disposal games…


No, the idea is that you don’t play an ageing and underdone Myers, and you blood a kid.


Play him today!


I havent seen him play since the VFL midway through last year. didnt notice him in the intra club either to be honest. has his kicking improved since then? it was the one obvious massive deficiency in his game that was holding him back from being considered.


How is his pace? It would be very handy to have another guy who can handle himself well around stoppages. But I don’t want us to back to the days of our slow midfield from 3 or 4 years ago, so hopefully he’s at least average speed.

Can someone provide a comparison to other players in speed?


Patrick Cripps


His kicking since midway through last year has improved a lot but not to the point that it’s reliable.

Clarke is in my opinion never going to be a reliable kick but you could say that about 90% of the AFL.

Doesn’t mean he can’t contribute though if given a defined role.

As far as his pace, it’s similar to Mutch I guess you could say. Clarke will grind you to death just like most elite runners can do.

I personally think Clarke could play games now but will need time to find his feet. It’s that time to find his feet that will stick out in supporters eyes though, because he will shank a few kicks and people will focus on that.

If given opportunity and time to settle I could see him being a high possession winner at the coal face which we don’t really have. He will also to all the team things that makes others around him look better.


Bring him in, reward performance


How many times did he touch it against Franga?


17 handballs and 13 kicks, 10 tackles. Top of the 46 players involved.




Has to play as much as possible.


He looks a bit like Thorpy


Billy or Ian?


Time to bring him in & give him a go. Can’t be worse than Myers who offers little and is 28. Wanna see us persist with Clarke, Langford & Mutch over the likes of Myers & Baguley.


Should reward that


Deserves a game. If you’re not going too play him and persist with a known quantity like Myers then you’re sending a bad message too the younger draftees.


Hey Clarkey :slight_smile:


Bring this man IN